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  1. 250043 was assigned to Sturmmörser Kp. 1001 in the West...
  2. They were supposed to wear helmets in combat also.
  3. Heer Volksgrenadier Battalion and Heer / LW Grenadier Battalion 45. Looks like Waffen SS Grenadier Battalion 45 has the option, but only for off-map. I'm not seeing evidence the WSS received these, so probably the off-map option also needs to be removed.
  4. Conversion of one platoon to SMG platoon was ordered in 1943 for all rifle and motor rifle formations, not only "reduced" formations (which the 44 org represents). The full strength (on paper) org for 1944 would be the 1942 org + 1943 SMG platoon conversion that was official starting in mid-43 (thus "43" org). Unreduced rifle company as of mid-43. SMG platoon is not broken out, but is reflected in the total PPSh (ППШ): Example of reduction scheme (there were many): In game 44 formation is further reduced by elimination of light mortars, which was common in 1944, but retains HMG section. See here for details: https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?p=2165760#p2165760
  5. Region shouldn’t matter, just date. It’s tied to the date availability of a parent formation, in this case ad hoc panzer company.
  6. Should be Jagdtiger in the list, not Sturmtiger. Region does not matter, only date.
  7. It's probably safe to say that the mods meant to turn base game summer into winter are not likely going to play well with the dedicated winter textures sets for the module without a bunch of file renaming.
  8. Once spotted trenches are always visible, it doesn’t matter what unit you have selected. That does not necessarily mean the selected AI unit “sees” the trench / foxholes. Not even sure the AI does anything with spotted trenches / foxholes. It is pretty much just information for the player. Think of it as terrain that can be revealed. Bunkers are different, basically working as static vehicles.
  9. This is difficult to answer for Waffen SS as their kriegsgliederung returns were often less detailed, usually just reporting totals for "M.Pi.". There are a few exceptions, however, e.g. 5. SS Pz. Div. "Wiking" on Jan. 1, 1945: The American M.P. and M.G. are interesting.
  10. Maybe I am misunderstanding, but if you are saying beutewaffen are only tracked if using standard German ammunition, that is clearly wrong. All holdings of weapons were tracked and reported, and higher HQ quatermasters tracked both total numbers on hand and ammunition available. Here is just one example from Pz.AOK 3 files: Note, XXVIII A.K. had a total holding of 52 Russian SMGs using 7.62 (r) M.P. ammunition. We could then dig down into the individual kriegsgliederung for each unit where available and see where they were held.
  11. Not sure what you are talking about here, but divisional kriegsgliederung usually include a beutewaffen section on the reverse side. Here is one example amongst hundreds I was just looking at recently while checking something for Steve: 3. Gebirgsdivision kriegsgliederung Jan. 4, 1945 Not sure if the rechambered PPSh are reported in a consistent manner. I see them listed explicitly on some returns.
  12. I think the PPSh was less common in German hands than is often assumed, at least based on a review of divisional returns for Jan-Mar 1945 (most divisions except Infantry divisions in the range 1.-99.). Inconsistencies in reporting make it difficult to draw firm conclusions, but even beyond the Italian front, Italian M.Pi. seem far more common.
  13. G254R (has been fixed in game). 256R was the sniper rifle.
  14. In Vietnam generally, M113s were used as tanks (i.e. mobile protected firepower).
  15. For CMCW they are generally a squad level option, either in the editor (Infantry / M113 Mech Infantry) or by acquiring from the squad / team’s own vehicle (Bradley Mech Infantry / Cavalry). EDIT: correction above for clarification between types of Mech Inf.
  16. Thank you. Those are all my go to resources for checking things, particularly Commonwealth orgs.
  17. Please provide references when requesting TO&E changes to existing formations.
  18. True, although it was established by formal agreement and we are likely moving the other direction on that long term. Don't see how that is different than the Russian naval base at Sevastopol, which I don't think was seriously challenged as illegitimate under international law.
  19. Last time I checked Mexico and Canada have autonomy and territorial integrity. Haven’t occupied or annexed any part of them in a long, long time (but I’m still eyeing parts of Canada). Cuba and Venezuela also seem bizarrely free of US troops or proxies, despite their hostility to US gov.
  20. On the other hand, it's not going to be duped by flares.
  21. https://pamyat-naroda.ru/documents/view/?id=134908669 https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=237999
  22. The 43 battalion orgs remain as "paper orgs" with 4 squads per platoon, 2 of these "heavy" squads with 2 LMGs. The 44 org has been reduced to 3x 7-man squads with 1x LMG per squad. One SMG platoon and two rifle platoons per company in both orgs. The 44 org should be your go to org for 1944-45. The Battleorders site is incorrect about the Guards rifle units being identical to regular rifle units. At least on paper, they were allocated additional support assets: small company HMG "platoon" with 2x HMGs instead of a single HMG team, as well as more snipers and AT rifles. Please note that these changes will only appear in new content. Older scenarios have previous orgs baked in to prevent TO&E changes breaking scenarios.
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