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  1. Some anecdotes: https://www.tanknet.org/index.php?/topic/33449-timeline-for-apds-replacement-in-nato/
  2. Scenario designer may have added a tag so that whitewash doesn’t appear. If you mean in a Quick Battle, might be a bug.
  3. Logged (for all M60-series).
  4. I suppose it makes it clear that they still have some elements of the TOW system, and if you remount them on the vehicle it will probably work (might test that if you get a chance with this team).
  5. You are going to need to be more specific, as deploying dismounted M151 TOWs seems to be working fine in editor and gameplay. Has the team suffered casualties? 3 men is, I think, bare minimum to handle the TOW system dismounted.
  6. TO&E is in the most capable hands of @Battlefront.com and @ChrisND. I just try to bring the best resources I can find to the table to improve where possible.
  7. Unable to reproduce in editor without changing conditions as I described. Do you have mods installed?
  8. This seems to be related to loading into 3D in the editor in no snow conditions, then switching conditions in the editor and loading 3D again. The destroyed version from the first 3D loading seems to get "stuck."
  9. A few soldiers per squad have a %chance to have a semi-auto rifle (G41/G43) instead of a regular rifle. I'm not sure exactly how the probability works under the hood, but probably the %chance for G43 goes up while the %chance for G41 goes down. I think the chance of semi-auto overall stays the same. Equipment quality setting (if selected before you purchase the formation) may shift the percentages away from semi-autos to regular rifles, but if so in this case, the effect is pretty subtle. Doctrine and TO&Es called for concentration of MP44 into sub-units, so it doesn't work quite the same way. The MP44 is now mostly concentrated into dedicated "sturm" sub-units within formations. For "regular" infantry, you see this first with Grenadier Battalion 44B in July 1944 (should be available from start in June), which has an option to convert 1x platoon per company into a sturm platoon. Soldiers assigned an MP44 on paper have a chance of getting the MP44 or a substitute. With equipment quality set to "excellent" the chance is very high of getting the assigned MP44, thus close to paper organization.
  10. Can you be more specific on what information you are looking for?
  11. They are labelled by introduction year of the Shtat. The idea that these were unique to different parent formations was erroneous. Even in Mech Corps, all three Shtat were in overlapping use through 1945. Here, for example, is an overview of Mech Corps' Shtat over time: Soviet Mech Corps Shtat by unit.pdf source: https://www.hgwdavie.com/blog/2018/8/25/soviet-mechanised-corps-iii 292 You can use tankfront.ru to look up Shtat for various units to some degree, e.g.: http://tankfront.ru/ussr/tp/tp136.html All the parent formations mentioned used a mix of different Shtat, but by our timeframe, the 1944 org was certainly dominant in Mech Brigades, and I don't think this one was used for separate regiment or Cavalry division tank regiments. IIRC, a lot of separate regiments (as well as Cavalry Div. regiments) had by 1944 switched to 21-tank 010/463 and 010/464 Shtat. For this you can just rename a tank battalion. Still the older orgs remained in use in various places.
  12. G41s were still the most common self-loading rifle in summer 1944, but holdings were highly variable. Just looking at the Panzer divisions over summer '44, I'd say self-loading rifle holdings were on average 200-300, some divisions with none or few, some with a lot more. The game is setup so that the G43 should become more common progressing into the Fall and Winter.
  13. Check Grenadier Battalion 44B starting in July 44. If you mean in Panzergrenadier squads, MP44 were almost entirely absent from Panzer and Panzergrenadier divisions until the fall of 1944. First significant numbers in the Schnelle Truppen came with the Panzer Brigades raised at the end of the summer.
  14. If you are seeing an issue with uniforms on specific soldiers, you will need to be much more specific on where you are seeing this in formations.
  15. That’s just mixing of smoke textures for visual variety.
  16. Seeing the opposite also, with missing snow textures on snow maps. Seems to be avoidable if you load the map, don't 3D preview, change date / ground, then you can 3D preview without the textures being stuck. There also seem to be a few modular building snow roof textures that are just straight up missing.
  17. Let's take a closer look at the AOK 9 records on this Hungarian excursion: Sturm-Mörser-Kp. 1000 is last shown on AOK 9 list of einsatzbereiten (operational) panzers on Oct. 10, 1944. There is then no mention of Sturm-Mörser-Kp. 1000 in the operational panzer holdings or transport records until Oct. 15, when the company is noted as in transport from XXXXVI Pz.K. to Budapest by train: However, departure from Warsaw does not happen until the evening of Oct. 17: Two days after departure, Sturm-Mörser-Kp. 1000 has switched from the Abtransport section to the Zuführung section. It is on the train to Budapest, but will be returned to the Warsaw area: The following day the company arrives back in Warsaw at 12:10 a.m. The entire "Hungarian jaunt" was no more than 52.5 hours. Today (not 1944, not wartime) the train from Warsaw to Budapest one way takes 10.5 hours. I have serious doubts the company even made it to Budapest before being rerouted back to Warsaw. Then the next day Sturm-Mörser-Kp. 1000 is back on the operational panzer list, but with one Sturmtiger instead of two: Does this mean that one of the Sturmtigers was lost during the "Hungarian jaunt"? Not necessarily because this is a list of operational panzers, not all panzers. It's quite possible that one of the Sturmtigers suffered some sort of irreparable mechanical casualty during this period and remained off the operational list until the company returned to Germany Nov. 22. In fact, given the shuttling back and forth, this seems plausible. Source: NARA T-312 R-348
  18. Sturmtiger from photo and Maus can be included in their own vehicle pack.
  19. IIRC, Recon Battalion (motorcycle) tank company option, tank regiments 42 and 43 light tank option.
  20. It’s mixed infantry / mech infantry / tank composition creates complications with the way QB segregate force types. The Valentines are available as light tank options in tank regiments (42 and 43, I think) and the SU-57 is an option in the light assault gun regiment.
  21. It was captured at a factory in Germany at the end of the war (Brandenburg Eisenwerk), thus the photo caption “Rogäsen, west of Brandenburg.” If it was indeed 250043 (I’m not sure), then it was pulled back from the West with Kp. 1001 and presumably sent to this factory for repairs. If it was one of the early production or prototype models, then it could have previously been with Kp. 1000 in Warsaw, made its train excursion to Hungary, been returned to Germany and eventually captured at this factory no earlier than May 1945. Here is a report from TSAMO noting that a Sturmtiger was found in a factory in this area (Kirchmöser) and shipped to Kubinka: https://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/2702925.html
  22. The captured Sturmtiger in the photo was never in Budapest. I am aware of the transport records despite you not previously linking the source. The 2 from Kp. 1000 in Warsaw were sent to Hungary (presumably the same two prototypes that had been there since August) then promptly returned via Warsaw to Sennelager. Almost seems like it was a mistake, because the entry saying they were sent to Hungary also says they will be returned. One didn’t make it back, but that is not the Sturmtiger in the photo.
  23. It was never in Budapest. (Edit: if it was 250043)
  24. The problem is this picture is not from Hungary.
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