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  1. Here is a handy key online (if that is not already what you are using): http://niehorster.org/011_germany/symbols/_symbols_43.html Happy to help if you have questions.
  2. Here is the actual organization (Kriegsgliederung) for 5. SS Pz. Div. "Wiking" on August 6, 1944: As well as September 3, 1944: And finally October 1, 1944:
  3. Because there is some small variation from the platoon in the standard Grenadier battalion, it requires a distinguishing label in the TO&E. In this case all the Sturm company subordinate platoons are noted as being part of this Sturm company org, and in the case of the 3rd platoon, it carries the “heavier” load of MGs and MG ammo. In reality it was “1. And 2. Sturm Zug” and “3. Zug” which you can rename them to if you wish, but the game requires something more specific to keep sub-units separate in the TO&E.
  4. This is correct, although the labeling used in the editor is a bit misleading. Two platoons in each Volksgrenadier company were equipped as Sturm platoons while the third was equipped as a normal rifle platoon. https://www.wwiidaybyday.com/kstn/kstn131v1nov44.htm
  5. Well, the key difference is that the only factor making the Defender transit provocative is Russia’s illegal claim to the waters, which is not recognized under international law, therefore it cannot be a violation of innocent passage rules. It is provocative only to Russia and only because of their illegal claim. https://www.lawfareblog.com/déjà-vu-russias-illegal-restrictions-innocent-passage-black-sea
  6. So Russian warships never transit the English Channel via innocent passage?
  7. Night vision (image intensification) does appear to vary in performance based on global illumination levels, i.e set the date for a starlight-only night and you should see different performance compared to a half-moonlight night. I don’t think there is any variation in thermal performance.
  8. Britain would observe them: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/russian-submarines-spotted-in-the-irish-sea-in-the-latest-provocation-by-vladimir-putins-navy/MSZQQWG4LNF523K3WYSTNFVUBQ/
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57583363
  10. Not really, and it is pretty clear that the primary role of the senior rifleman was to operate the LMG.
  11. George is correct. The smaller squad is much closer to historical reality for 1944-45, but updating scenario TO&E requires deletion and repurchase of the unit to see the changes.
  12. Yes, sounds like a bug.
  13. The portraits are associated with the force “branch,” in this case Tank.
  14. Doesn’t matter because that is not what was done. Iron (mild steel) core was used with lead outer casing to save on lead.
  15. S.m.E. = mild steel core; standard ammo S.m.K. = hardened steel core; standard AP ammo
  16. Breaching Kits are a special equipment item that has a more narrow function than the generic "charges" carried by engineers. They only allow wall breaching.
  17. Well, I don’t know what happened, but they are back now.
  18. Anything that has an HE/blast factor has a chance of causing track damage if if not directly striking tracks / running gear.
  19. There is some great stuff there that would fit with the existing loading screens with some photoshop work, but no provenance for the material whatsoever. A handful have watermarks from wherever they were originally pulled. Could make the basis for a good mod.
  20. You will get 1000s of images of T-72s, most probably attributed to various journalists or publications (which I think often have understandings with Wikipedia about use as long as attributed that would not apply to a commercial company). Regardless, pictures of T-72s is not what is needed. Pictures of the Soviet Army operating T-72s (or doing whatever) in 1979-82 is what is needed (even if you just wanted to do a nice consistent mod to fit with the US archival photos). Try searching Wikimedia for “Soviet Army 1982” or similar such terms and you get hardly anything. I remember that tank decon. pic coming up in one previous search I made! Also, IMO parade photos do not fit at all thematically, nor does Afghanistan.
  21. And, of course, very low quality regardless.
  22. If you can suggest some suggest some archival Soviet photos that are available without licensing issues and are of similar quality, I’d bet they could be added. The US stuff comes from National Archives with no strings attached. I looked myself, but language skills limit how effectively I can search.
  23. The radio icon will usually disappear on infantry while they are moving, then come back once they are stopped for a bit.
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