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  1. Something is wrong with the install. You can try reinstalling the patches manually. Look inside the users\patches folder in the game folder - there should be two patches inside, 1.2.4 and 1.3.1. Copy them somewhere, uninstall the game, delete its folder to be sure, reinstall it, and then manually install these 1.2.4 and 1.3.1 patches.

  2. Did you get a question about whether you are agree to close the autoupdater to update it?

    Anyway, if version number in main menu is 1.3.1, it's up-to-date. Autoupdater version should be (you can check it in file properties of <Kursk1943folder>\AutoUpdater\AutoUpdate.exe).

  3. Xerxes the Great

    The way arty works didn't changed much, but the bug with stopping and re-calling support was fixed. Previously, if you canceled the active artillery strike (you can do it by right-clicking the support icon) you'd need the same amount of victory points to re-enable it, for example, if you want to target another area. The victory points weren't actually deducted in case of re-calling, but player needed to have enough points to re-call the strike (bug). Now you can stop and re-call artillery strikes freely, victory points are required only when you start it.

    If you are really want cost-free support, you can edit the mission in editor or even simply open the mission.xml file in Notepad or Wordpad and set the support cost to zero.

  4. Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 update 1.3.1


    NOTE: After installation of this update special prefix containing the version number will be added to save games that were made in previous versions of the game (for example, "(1.2.4) Cherkasskoe"). While saves that were made between missions should work (this is not guaranteed), saves that were made during missions will become unusable (to show this, their names will be grey-colored in save/load menus).


    New late war content added, expanding the game beyond the Kursk Battle!

    - 5 new maps for multiplayer/skirmish and mission generator

    - 10 units added:

    USSR: T-34-85 and IS-2 tanks, SU-85 and SU-100 tank destroyers, ISU-152 assault gun

    Germany: Pz. VIB “Tiger II” tank, “Brummbar” assault gun, Jagdpanzer 38t “Hetzer”, “Elefant” and “Jagdpanther” tank destroyers.


    - Infantry now takes damage in hand-to-hand combat properly

    - Several AI bugs fixed (repeated rapid stance change, infantry not looking in the direction prescribed with the "Defend' button, rare freeze while mounting a vehicle, aiming while in a trench, facing rearwards after completing a move forward command and more)

    - Multiplayer routines improved

    - Re-calling an artillery strike doesn't require victory points

    - The dead end in the first German mission has been fixed (it occured when player eliminated all Russian troops before the counterattack)

    - Passability corrected on some maps

    - Interrupted vehicle engine sounds fixed

    - Molotov cocktail fire effect now linked to the impact point

    - Molotov cocktails are now effective against open-topped and unarmored vehicles only

    - Users are now able to fine-tune the bogging down probability (see below)

    How To Change Bogging Down Probability


    Navigate to <Game folder>\Data\Settings and open Navigation.ini with Notepad. It contains many sections named like [Halftrack 5x5] and speed for various materials, for example:

    SpeedSWAMP 0.3 0.01

    You can alter these values as you see fit (first number is the speed modifier, second - immobilization probability).

  5. First step is to update the autoupdater (sorry the pun :)). It's optional, but highly recommended for future updates:

    Download and unzip this small 68Kb archive (http://www.1cpublishing.eu/tow2/AutoUpdater.zip) to game folder, overwriting existing files.

    Second step: Just run the game or autoupdater itself and click the 'Update' button. It will download the 1.2.4 patch and install it in silent mode. Wait for the install to finish and verify that it was successful by clicking 'Play' and checking the game version number in main menu.

    1.2.4 Changes:


    - Recon unit crews (Sdkfz. 222, Sdkfz. 232, BA-64) and scouts now have 50-100 Scouting skill

    - Difference in visibility and audibility between silent and firing units increased

    - Soldiers shouldn't throw grenades if there are friendlies near the target, running from a grenade is prioritized

    - Visibility recaclulation delay decreased

    - Unit with 'Hold fire' mode turned on won't engage the enemy on it's own, but will fire at the target assigned manually by you

    - A couple of AI errors were found and fixed

    - Soldiers with automatic weapons now fire in shorter bursts

    - Player soldiers wouldn't constantly man an empty gun in generated scenarios

    In addition, the patch contains the user manual in PDF format. Use the shortcut or double-click the file directly to read it.

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