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  1. Well, thanks for all the advice guys. I read a lot of the info you passed my way and my first axis assault ended with a minor defeat because I ran out of time. Next time ... QB Axis assault, 500 points, Combined Arms, Italy, Small Village and .... 95% Major Victory, suffering only 12 casualties. Thanks again for all the help, it was much appreciated. I feel as if I've just stepped into a larger combat mission world
  2. JasonC ... thanks for the info, I hadn't realized that about Raus. Although I had noticed he only talked about his victories
  3. I really enjoyed reading "Panzer Operations" It's a collection of the memoires (spelling?) of Erhart Raus of his experiences on the Eastern Front from 41 to 45. He came across to me as a real tactical genius.
  4. My greatest difficulty is a QB with a village or a dug in defender. My infantry was constantly getting pummelled trying to close the last 50-100 meters. However, thanks to your responses so far, I've definitely picked up a lot of suggestions and tricks I'm ready to try out. I think my biggest problem I was trying to rely too much on smoke and not nearly enough suppressive fire.
  5. I just recently discovered CMAK and absolutely love this game. I am however having difficulty learning how to effectively conduct an attack. I was wondering if anyone had some PBEM files they could send me of a really well planned attack so I could study and learn. I'd really appreciate any help. You can send them to bradenwalker@hotmail.com Thanks
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