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  1. You should get many more Italians for your points, and if you can keep your enemy at arms length (outside of SMG range) you can really chew infantry up. The light mortars and almost work like grenade launchers in CMBS. Just don't expect to get anywhere if the enemy brought armour. Even if you have. Hopefully a new module can add a bit more punch for them...
  2. If CMFI is going to get some deserved attention, my vote would be for the Italians as a whole getting some attention. Any decent (ish) tanks or anti-tank capability would be welcome.
  3. Anyone up for an infantry-heavy quick battle, Commonwealth v Italians. I'll even take the Italians. No tanks. Send me a pm if you're interested. Cheers AC
  4. ******** SPOILERS ******** It is a great scenario, but then I did win a PBEM as the Germans. I shifted most of my force to the right whilst pinning the US with mortars and used the Stugs to overpower any hedge line defences whilst pushing up the hill to the buildings. I did have to buddy aid almost every casualty to collect every round of ammo I could, and then proceed to use most of it. At the end, I had slightly more remnants to take the objectives than he did.
  5. Get your engineers to the bocage line and then order a "Blast" move along the bocage line rather than through it. They should blow a hole and keep on the side they started on.
  6. Looking for a new CMSF PBEM. I have all the modules and am happy to play either side. Just looking for some fun. Send me a private message if you're interested. AC
  7. I've had a couple of opponents drop out mid game and am looking for a couple of games. Can normally do 1 email per day. Drop me a line if you're interested
  8. Always plot your own moves. The only two exceptions I can think of would be either a)when the command delay is appalling - especially with early war out of command Soviet armour or if the winding road is surrounded by impassable terrain so the TacAI has no choice but to carry along the road from one waypoint to another
  9. I think they are fun. They are slow, badly armoured and have rubbish weaponry, but they still kill off most of the opposition's armour with a little patience. And they are as cheap as chips. The flamethrower and artillery versions will also surprise the unwary...
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