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  1. I ordered T-72 in 2005 when it first came out. I got a beautiful manual and two CD disks In a non descriptive brown envelope In the mail...cool!!! I played and eventually won all 18 missions on an under-spec computer. I recall trying to down the Mi-8 helicopter with the AA matching gun with the lousiest frame rate ever. I finally did it. A friend gave me an old laptop that he was about to throw away and I installed Windows XP and T-72! I’m going to try to beat it again. Anybody else playing right now? This game was dismissed by the Steel Beasts community back then and is the bes
  2. I love T-72 Balkans on Fire!

  3. retarius, I replayed it many times and just had to "cheat" by making my armor a little stronger and showing all units on the map. It was cheating...still a cool battle, though. I'm going to replay all of them. Lemmie know how you do when you've finished all 18!
  4. Aw Man! This forum is DEAD!!! Bummer! Even though nobody's reading this...it's a Shturm-s in the column not a sprut. "Are you crazy?! Slow down!" This is still a great game. Great graphics engine, however you really need a powerful computer to play it smoothly. That was part of why I put it away for a few years. My PC at the time just wasn't doing it justice. Oh well, somebody sometime dust it off and post something about it... "There they are!"
  5. Hopefully, this forum isn't completely dead and there are still some T-72 players out there. I'm returning to this game after beating it 2 years ago. Well, I believe I skipped some of the harder missions when the campaign allowed me to move on after failing too many times. This time, I'm trying to win all of them honestly without bypassing any. Here's the problem. The column mission! I am stuck! Here's the scenario: 1. There are two hunter/killer T-55s roaming around after you on the battlefield. 2. There's a T-72 at the finish line who will ambush you on your way back to the
  6. That is a bizarre occurance. I played one of the harder missions over and over again and suddenly, the normal sight showed up to stay! I don't think it has anything to do with damage from previous missions as I kept getting waxed.
  7. The main challenge is waiting for the game and missions to load. When you lose, you've got to go through that wait again! I've dispensed with "Dual" mode. I don't even quite understand how that works. I also never got "emergency gunnery" down as I can only adjust the sights one way... which is usually the opposite of what I need to do. Using the machine gun usually works as the main gun round USUALLY hits where the MG is hitting. I still love the game....still playing it.
  8. Thanks for the unofficial T72 Strategy Guide chapter. Hey, on Mission 4 he was an ARMS dealer not a DRUG dealer!!!! OK...maybe the SOB was a drug dealer too! yeah, he probably was... (just messin' with ya DV)
  9. I completed them all!!! It wasn't as hard as I thought. (I'm going to re-play some of them with higher difficulty settings) They aren't really secrets...just a few vital problems that must be solved to complete the campaign: eg. how do I cross this deep river to complete the mission? How do I finish the commando rescue mission, etc. etc. It was very cool. Some of them involve more than just shooting enemy tanks. And I can't tell any more...you wouldn't want me to!
  10. I'm on Mission #16!....almost there, getting the hang of T-72! The Ford and Evacuation missions were very enjoyable once I found out the "secrets" to winning them... T-72 kind of reminds me of Earthseige 2 in that respect.
  11. Thanks, Madmatt. That sounds good to me! It's not a show stopper and doesn't impair my enjoyment of the sim. I'm still progressing through the campaign regardless of what sight comes up. I just thought I'd missed something.
  12. Nope, I've tried all logical key combinations but can't switch between those "backup" sights and the regular ones. PageUP/DOWN only cycles through the "backup" sights, & backup night sights. It doesn't get you back to the regular sights described in the manual. I'm still winning the missions, though. The sim is still cool... Unfortunately, this board is dead!
  13. Am I beating this to death or what?....OK, I see from the above thread that my weird sight (which comes up when I press F6 in some missions but not others)is a manual one. Pressing Page up/down seems to toggle the sight picture in night vision between HE & AP and back to day sights. For the life of me, I've tried to get back to the regular sights with keystrokes and looking at realism configuration with no luck. I'm on the farm mission with the "Manual" zoomed in sight. How do I get to regular sights?
  14. OK...here it is. http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=46;t=000355 Sorry, guys. I'm still learning T-72.
  15. Yeah, I can't seem to find those posts about manual gunnery with those pictures for some reason. Thanks for the reply, I'm still trying to figure this out...
  16. I'm playing through the campaigns and am now in a T-72 in each mission...I've got a couple of problems that don't seem to be addressed in the manual: 1. At the F6 Gunner's station, I am now only getting a "not in the manual" type of zoomed-in sight. I can't use the - or + keys to zoom in or out anymore. I'm winning the River & Powerplant missions with that sight, but I'd like to figure out what's going on with the sights. Weird Sight Picture! 2. J2 button on joystick...It makes a noise in the sim., but what does it do? I can't seem to replicate it with a key. 3. OK...what's
  17. [ January 06, 2006, 06:38 PM: Message edited by: Armored Fist 1994 ]
  18. Thank you! Just last night I posted a request for some practice scenarios! Good timing! 1st the joystick fix, now practice missions! Happy New Year, Tankers!
  19. Gentlemen, I'm STUCK in T-72 and cannot progress farther without some basic training! I've read the manual and looked at the mission building pdfs on the CD and can't put a mission together anytime soon. I've got a request...If anybody's already modified the tank range scenario/mission to make tank targets that don't shoot back, please tell me where it is! If you guys could make some gunnery training missions, I'd appreciate it! I need scenarios based on that range training mission where I can shoot at a bunch of static tank targets that don't shoot back...maybe one for each tank (
  20. Thanks, DoubleVeteran. I need practice... Ideally, I'd like to create a user mission of the practice range with a bunch of enemy tanks that won't shoot back so I can work on this. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong; moving the triangle... Maybe someone could make 3 different user missions: one for the T-34, T-55, and T-72 in which you shoot static tank targets at different ranges. If those are out there already, please show me! I think I'm going to have to explore the files on the CD to make those practice range missions myself...
  21. I got T-72 on Christmas morning!!! I'm having trouble with the manual range finding on the T-34 and all the tanks actually. I just don't get it. Everything on page 25 in the manual makes perfect sense on paper. When I try it on the computer....there's no way to get the rounds to hit in the triangle the way they're supposed to. I did read that excellent thread where the poster put all the screenshots up. I still don't get it. Any help?
  22. I've got a little kink with my stick as well. I've recalibrated in Win XP to no avail. I can't get full throttle unless I tap the up arrow keys...joystick won't do it fully. It's nothing major, though. The T-34 tank doesn't respond very well but I believe that's intended. It's an accurate simulation of how that old tank would respond.
  23. OK...this is the same "commando" mission in the demo, correct? I am having a heck of a time winning it, too. Pretty cool! I love challenging simulations!
  24. I have service pack 2 installed and am running the demo OK. Does the simulation work better with service pack 1 instead of 2 or does it matter?
  25. While I'm awaiting my copy of T-72, I thought I'd ask if anybody's completed EVERY ONE of the "18 campaign missions, 2 training missions, 5 single player missions" yet??? If not, I will be the first!
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