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  1. and is that an IS-3 next to the ISU-152 in the 2nd pic ?
  2. What are those weird hoops in front ?
  3. Graphics ( and indeed, much in the way of flavour objects and other "clutter" ) could be better, but I appreciate the emphasis on the fidelity of the simulation. And modders can make a big difference as this pic shows ( posted by someone else here )
  4. It's hard to be certain of the lay of the land, but personally, I think I would go with #3 - IF the ground to be covered is largely protected from Bil's right. After all, the advantage of attacking is that you can put all/most of your force in one place - any of Bil's units that don't have LoS to the action area are wasted assets until he can move them. But it kinda depends on the cover he has over the #3 route - 5-10 seconds exposure on the move is ok, more, probably not. Either way, any large armoured movement is going to attract attention and that could leave your infantry relatively unmolested as they invest the village so I wouldn't wait too long. Then again, I'm famously useless at Modern warfare, so there is that.
  5. True - I have this comparison picture ( I probably got it from someone on this forum in the past )
  6. Which is amazing - my one attempt to make a map resulted in, after 2-3 weeks, a very alien looking piece of terrain ! ( I've saved it for the Space Lobsters game )
  7. Most ( possibly all, but I don't know ) ATGM's use HEAT warheads, hence the small hole - from the hot jet which penetrates. You'll see the same small holes from Bazooka/Schreck/Panzerfaust/HEAT ammo in the WWII titles.
  8. I like to think that just out of shot, there's a guy seriously considering desertion
  9. When it trundled off down the hill, I thought it was going to end with something like this
  10. Whisky in coffee is a win-win here - provides the "something stronger" and obscures the vile taste of whisky ( and if those fighting words don't derail this thread, it can't be done ! )
  11. Ditto - apparently I stopped playing CMBO so completely when CMBB and CMAK came out that I did not even remember such a thing.
  12. 2000 AD comic's Rogue Trooper setting you mean ?
  13. I think it's "BackGround Music"
  14. I've always thought that the Leopard 1 took the title for most beautiful tank.
  15. All the games do. It just all happens before they arrive on the CM battlefield
  16. One cool thing about watching other people's videos of CM is hearing different sound mods to those you might be using. Which is great if you hear something better than you have, you can seek it out.
  17. Bah, humbug. Tell me when it's cool again and I'll come out of my bunker.
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