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  1. Hi guys.Thanks all of you . I am happy because you like the video . My english is very bad , sorry. Panoramix
  2. Hi,my english is very bad,sorry, but I try answer a you questions. Earl Grey "but I think it´s fake"--> No it is. I made this video of a game in the panzerzug ligue last month. The video is made with Windows movie maker. "67MB for a CMAK video?"-->yes, The video is long ( 8 minutes) "Seems to be just a WMV file, but my Media Player can´t play it, because it´s an unknown protocol" --> I see the video in bs player and windows media player. I havent this problem, you revised video codec in your pc. Gpig "Should I click or should I go . . .?"--> Push the ftp link a
  3. Very suspicious??Why?? Its a very good video of one game
  4. Hi , I leave here the links of a CMAK video for you to download them. Fell free to watch them :eek: . Emule link : ed2k://|file|Combat%20Mission_Carretera%20a%20Volturno.wmv|68822092|3886A44F31A676B6C3EC36E0AF239AD7|h=EKR7IV5LTNTYPT5FT4IXF3IBU6TYBLWZ|/ Ftp link :
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