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  1. Is it possible to move old 1.04 scripts to the 1.05 patch in a fast way with the script editor? In that case can i try it out? baggen78@hotmail.com
  2. Sure im mailing one, i tried the other naval loop and it worked fine it just seems the other one got "broken". Thanks for the reply.
  3. Ive experienced a naval loop bug in a world map mod, first the naval loop worked (west to east usa) and my cruiser appeared on the other side, forgot to move it and it automatically started to travel back again, when it appeared on the other side (first side sent from at beginning) the naval loop quitted to function, i no longer can send any units at all through it as nothing happens if i park a unit on the arrows anymore. Any idea on what might cause this and is there a possible way to fix it in an ongoing game? Regards/
  4. Hmm still have problems with trying to get this mod running on 1.5, got it up but noticed all convojs are missing and such, i didnt get any request regarding scripts while imoporting the data either any clue what might be wrong?
  5. Thanks for your help, noticed it while i took a look in the folder.
  6. Please explan this one to me in more detail 5. Now u have to adjust the scripts (the version 1.05a got a new task for 'event-scripts' '#AI = X' (X= 0,1,2 - 0=general, 1=Axis-AI, 2=Ally-AI) Thanks I have managed to get the 1937 worldmap mod with me to 1.05a as i have been playtesting it untill now, anyway when importing it i seem to have lost all the bitmaps to each country japan is now populated by italians and so on guess it has to do with point 5 there?. Great map but it needs some changes to be more gamey balanced.
  7. Nice changes, will try it out got the feeling it will be alot more competetive now.
  8. "Ofcource if Japan will come closer to Yumen it will make USA and USSR to react and lead to further come closer to war. So the axis player will have to make a choice either go for Yumen and be ready to face the wrath of both USSR and USA , or be content with the lands of china he will have" Dont know if im following you correctly here but i took china and none of them entered the war but perhaps you just meant a increase in readyness? Game seems inbalanced to me now, after taking china japan had can for everything, sci units you name it. since the science is cheap i had max slots in q
  9. Dont know if its a resolutuion problem or not but while entering the propaganda screen all the countries dont fit in the list and the ones that dont get in cant be pursuaded untill you have nailed some countries and the list has shrinked. Got some questions aswell i got from playing it a few turns, what are the conditions for the surrender of china? Seems to me you will be ready to hit poland way before 39 am i wrong on this one? some event occurs if you do it? With this early start and quite decent with cash it seems sci costs should be upped alot or you will have maxed levels quite
  10. installed the new one.. still get the cheap propaganda unitprices seems right and also research
  11. 176,35 seems to be in russia, tried 172,33 also tried 179,37 with the cities but still increases about 4% turn may 1940 now and has been going on for a little while. Could it have something to do with me doing propaganda on turkey? or that i got some error message from start ? Propaganda is really cheap now aswell 50 for spain and turkey 175 for russia so put some in russia to try and counter readyness with some luck while i test the mod some more.
  12. How are you supposed to place units in poland to prevent russian readyness? Placed the usual 4 there but after france fell it started to increase with 4% a turn so russia will be in real early if i continue as now. Am i the only one getting error messages while starting the mod or loading a saved game with the mod?
  13. Nice work, trying it out against ai but will dump that and try a tcp/ip looks fun, however the recearch price seems to be the cheap ones , spain 50 turkey 50 and so on havent got any hit yet though. Also i got some error message while starting it up "cant find ini file will load without coustomization" or something like that.
  14. Ok fine its historical but i think it will encourage a ahistorical approach, i for once wont be wondering deep into russia makes no sense to even bother. So if you want to win in the "old" manner just defend from start in the east and go for the uk. So how about making a fun gamey "ahistorical" mod with production and unit count changes and such with the same foundation? To much work i guess?
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