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  1. I gotta ask...or what. Are you moderating now? I am confused. </font>
  2. ....welcome to the wonderful world of Shock Force boys! - falco.
  3. C'mom people....I told you before - CMSF is the future of tactical wargaming! RPG rounds emerging out of the ground, all the heaps of LOS/LOF problems & soldiers runnin round like headless chickens are mere 'abstractions.' This outstanding game is not worthy of such derision from customers such as yourselves. You just dont "get it" do you!!?? Harden up and get with it! - falco.
  4. Jeeez.....c'mon guys, you just dont 'get it' do you?!! Shots fired through the ground is just an 'abstraction.' Squads doing crazy things is just a 'minor hitch.' Guys....wake up!! Shock Force is the future of wargaming - wots wrong with you!! Adam1 wrote - "No doubt now I will be told it's all just in my opinion and that everyone thought it was gone, and it's just a coincidence that the issues cropped up now and not in beta testing. Or, the game really is what it is, and a spade is a spade." Yes mate....thats unfortunately what you will be told here. BF could sell a turd in
  5. I sinsneerely apologise for any offence I may have caused you. I humbly defer to your obvious high intelligence and bow magnanimously to your superior multi-faceted grasp of protocol and manners. Of course it was immoral and unethical of me to cast aspersions on the magnificent masterpiece we now know as CMSF. - falco.
  6. Welcome to the fun fun world of CMSF mate....!! - falco.
  7. Ah Krasny mate....take it from me, its a total waste of time criticising anything here. To do so is to reap the wrath of the BF Brown-nose brigade. They are well known through-out the entire wargaming community as the most anal-retentive bunch of pinheads on the net. Yes, CMSF is in the bargain -bin already....... http://www.play.com/Games/PC/4-/3354621/...ml?cur=258 Whats it been?....2 months since release. Who would have thought?? - falco. [ September 29, 2007, 05:17 AM: Message edited by: (fgm) falco ]
  8. Written by me in 2005.... " Anyway I'll say my piece now. This whole new CM/Strike Force thing will be a disaster. Battle'front' (yes, I got it right this time) are obviously going after the FPS teenage crowd who buy MOH & Call of Duty, either that or they ARE going after the US defence contracts. Either way they're ignoring their natural fan base and the result is going to be as predictable as it is sad. Like many other software developers in the past have done, they have come up with a first class product, in this case CMBO/BB/AK and then promptly forgotten what it is that made these
  9. Re.Stoat: (is your name a term of endearment or merely a reflection of your personality..??) People here dont like me??....you have no idea how encouraging this is - I must be doing something right at last..!! The last thing I would want is to be popular amongst a bunch of anal-retentives. - falco.
  10. Hmm, interesting.....where are all the vicious denouncements from our venerable BFC moderators and hateful mud-slinging and name-calling from the BFC fan-club concerning THESE postings..?? Ae these posts serious....mmm, no. Maybe they are topical..mmm, no again. Ahh...now I understand. Its one rule for some and one rule for another. - falco.
  11. My God, are you telling me Predator is not a true story....?! - falco.
  12. Phew..! Just as well really. Must admit wasnt looking forward to e-mailing this forum asking to be excused every time I had a nature call. Ye Gods!!...does that mean if I DO give you full details of what I plan to do in the toilet I DO have to be excused by the BFC moderators...!! - falco.
  13. Re: Battlefront.com Fair enough, but does that mean I have to excuse myself every time I want to go to the bathroom too...??? - falco.
  14. Actually yes. Since CM/SF is set in the future the BFC think-tank is considering including the futuristic camouflage technology now being developed by the US Army. One such development is the new invisibility combat suit which is believed to utilize revolutionary new nano and chemical technology. It is apparently able to adapt to any colours of any environment and renders the wearer totally invisile to the naked eye...even under water!! Accordingly BFC are putting together a new scenario for Shock Force called 'The Invisible Men'. This entails a Streake...sorry, Stryker force entering t
  15. Shurely if the topic that has been written about IS about keeping to the topic that means the writer of the aforementioned topic cant be accused of not keeping to the topic...?? Gentlemen yer logic doesnt make sense....sorry. - falco.
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