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  1. thanks for the quick response.... Disappointing informations anyway I will have a look on the developments of this game KRIS
  2. Hi all... Sorry for my simple english. :cool: . For years I was a fan of the combat mission games, i fought in clans (Apui feu), got good muliplayer-matches and had lot´s of fun with this game. I was, and i am on the opinion that the programing of the combat mission engine is one of the most challenging AI-programings that were develloped ever. Maybe i can juge a bit, cause i play computer-based strategic games since ATARI or even C64. . My problem is that i don´t like the conditions of Shock force any way. I don´t like to play any war game later than 1950 or on another base than
  3. 1. a sort of biocular-Modus, when one makes the personal view (by pressing Return), which focusses the view 3 or 4times up. Because it´s boring shooting always at red points. One should have the possibility to get the enemy optical closer. :cool: 2. The infantery-units and sometimes the light tanks are too vulnerable. They should be able to stand a longer shooting. Chains of tanks are also too weak. They break too easily. Without the possibility of reparation the the heavy tanks are too vulnerable this way. Very strange is the weakness of AT-gun-soldiers. This gun got always only the c
  4. No chance... i can´t do the installation-process of CMAK on my computer with windows vista. But i managed to do a copy of the game by LAN (second computer with windows XP) and the game itsself run without problems.
  5. i dont like to play that game, cause ... 1.) i am not interested in being an american soldier or officer or some kind of a "freedom fighter", or somebody of the coalition of wellthinking, willingly armies. 2.) i dont like to play a war which doesn´t exist in history, cause i don´t like to play with the consisterable death of actually living people. ok then... see you in another game. KRIS :cool:
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