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  1. Perhaps I failed to make my intentions and argument clear. First of all, my intent was not to be underhandedly denounced. Second, it was not to subscribe to the mythical and unrealisic philosophy of the Third Reich, and finally, it was not to pollute any sort of discussion with talk of Vietnam. The point I was trying to make was that sometimes, especially in recent history, the application of military theory, numerical superiority, firepower and qualitatively superior forces CANNOT surmount the political and cultural realities of war. Was the VC an elite guerilla force? No. Was it thourough
  2. Hmm...I didn't know that ammunition governed when you will get an auto-ceasefire, although I'd assume that you'd fair better than the Russians in such a scenario, as morale is probably more important than not having ammunition.
  3. Hmm...I don't see any mines in either of the pictures (aren't those crosses in the cemetary)? You are right though, I was playing with allow computer to place units, which is what it is normally set as. I don't recall a section of the briefing specifically recommending default settings, but after reading your post I examined the default setup. Indeed, it is substantially more formidable than what I encountered and should take the challenge of the scenario to a whole new level.
  4. Had Manstein been in overall command rather than Hitler, I think that the Russians would have had a much more difficult time implementing a successful doctrine. Hitler's corporal mentality, obsessed with holding ground rather than consolidating a line, kept the army from operating an effective elastic defence. Furthermore, the rapid introduction of wonder weapons such as the Tiger and Panther squandered their surprise value and made them less effective than they would have been had they been used en masse in a decisive operation. In the summer of 1942 the Tiger was a very difficult AFV to kill
  5. As far as the engines go, like I said, it really is quite interesting that the Germans didn't develop diesel engines for their AFVs. As you point out, the fuel efficiency, operational range, reliability and torque of a diesel engine are all very well suited for tanks, and the liberties you can take with the fuel ease the burdens on refineries. All I'm saying is that as far as gas engines go, 300+ bhp wasn't bad at all in 1939, especially considering what they had to work with. Perhaps, however, they were moving in that direction, as I believe the Puma recon vehicle had a 200hp diesel, a
  6. The red-lit interior struck me as a bit of a surprise as well, but if you've ever seen "Das Boot", I believe they make use of red lights on several occasions when they are attacking at night. The source I got that from mentioned it in passing. The following is a quote from "Panzerkrieg: The Rise and Fall of Hitler's Tank Divisions", pg. 40 "Panzer interiors contained four main colours: red, green-gray, white and black. An anti-oxide red lead primer, brick red in colour, was painted on all surfaces and the interior floor was then painted a grey-green. On the uppoer parts of the hull and t
  7. When I say that I think that the early war German soldier was superior, I'm not trying to imply that it was some innate advantage, but rather that the circumstances surrounding the German army at the time yielded highly compotent soldiers. There can be little doubt that morale in the German army was higher than in France, and the French military attitude in face of stunning defeat is well recorded. The dramatic early war success, the reversal of the Treaty of Versailles, along with the militaristic culture of the 3rd Reich I believe indoctrinated many to the military mindset very early on a
  8. I don't really think its a myth so much as it is a combination of sound military principles with new equipment and excellent command and control structure. Most of the doubts about various Blitzkrieg operations have stemmed from the fact that much of the German army was not motorized, and still relied heavily on horses for transportation. Keep in mind though: The armored spearheads used by the German army were not dedicated to the destruction of the enemy army in the field. The idea was to concentrate an overwhelming amount of armor along and axis of little resistance, and to exploit tha
  9. Not only do I concur, but I like your approach better than the one I took. I'm not necessarily a fan of a direct assault over open ground, and it only worked out because I was lucky and no Russians were in a position (or condition for that matter) to fire back at me. Normally the attack chooses the path of least resistance, and in my case, the direct assault was that path, but I think that your firebase plan is much less dependent on the situation, and should yield good results every time.
  10. Hmm...that happens to me too. Alt-Tabbing seems to work occasionaly.
  11. I gave it a second try and was able to win decisively. I reevaluated what I tried the first time, and I found some things I liked, as well as some that I didn't. Using the Armored Cars to draw fire was a good idea, but I placed them too near the infantry, meaning that my overwatch troops could never attack, due to enemy suppression. For the second round, I decided to move them to the far right flank and attack up the road, with the MGs being in the left position that the Armored Cars had the last time. Finally I placed the Infantry Gun with the MGs, but with a change of tactics--I used Area Fi
  12. As far as fire support goes, TRPs are never a bad idea, as they give you something to fall back on in desperate situations. Sometime the speed of the attacker can be neutralized by flexibility on the part of the defender. That being said, you may also want to try for a bit of a pre-emptive strike. If you know where his setup zone is i.e. "the staging area" you could try and hit it with a preplanned barrage from rocket artillery, much as the Russians did at the outset of Kursk in '43. In any rocket attack, the lightest units seem to die first, and with luck, you can diminish his ability to
  13. Well said. They were very expensive though, and followed in the fine German tradition of being underpowered. If they'd had more speed then perhaps the Schwere Panzer Abteilungen would've been more than stop-gap defensive formations.
  14. The real problem for me was the time limit. After I read the thread I gave it a go for the first time...and fought it to a draw. My strategy was as follows: I deployed the 75mm M1918 Infantry gun, along with the 2 HMGs to the far forward right, near the end of the woods. Then, I setup the platoons so that the recon squads would provide overwatch, with the Pioneer squads in reserve. I then positioned the Armored cars so that they would be at the edge of the wood, drawing enemy fire. As soon as the game began, I killed a Russian gun with my 75mm and neutralized his forces in that area.
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