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  1. You only need to run 30 tests to get a probabilistic normal distribution in a sample size. Not hundreds. Didn't the panther's gun have greater muzzle velocity over longer ranges? Even though it was a 75mm versus an 88mm, it was a better tank-killing round, I thought. Also, the Panther's turret armor was not materially better than the Tiger 1's turret armor, and it had an infamous shot-trap at the mantle that sent rounds ricocheting downward and through the deck-armor into the crew compartment. However, in a hull down position, the Panther turret was a good bit smaller than the Tiger 1's.
  2. Perfectly clear explanation, and I've benefited greatly from it. Thank you very much. That is sort of what I thought was happening; that 4.squad was actually in command via A.Company, irrespective of the problem between 4.squad and 2.platoon, and separately, 2.platoon and A.company. But I didn't want to assume. This system of benefiting from your parent's parent is what I would have hoped for, actually (and seems very realistic given what I saw of warfare first-hand). I'm not really sure overall what the benefit of C2 is in terms of spotting. I understand that when 1.squad sees a
  3. Okay, back to a C2 question. I have a company of infantry. 2.Platoon has 4.squad (MMG) that is the only unit I have that can see any other unit. 4.Squad can see a Pak38 (there are no other targets or "?" on the map at all right now). 4.Squad is in C2 to the 2.Platoon HQ judging by the C2 icons of eyeball and shout (I think it's to that HQ, but it might not be), which is off in a house about 60m away. Immediately adjacent to the 4.squad MMG unit is A.company HQ (to which 2.Platoon belongs). The 4.squad shows a break in command as follows: 4.squad shows red to 2.Platoon HQ 4.squa
  4. Well my point in saying I was a tanker was simply to steer people away from having to ask me if I knew things like overwatch, hull down, etc. I was simply trying to distance myself from a first time tactical game player. I found the first CM very tactically realistic, and so far I have no real problem with tactical realism in CM2. I'd prefer to stay out of the ruckus about the game as I have less than 20 hours with it so far, and it generally makes me happy (although I was using recon-by-exploding-tank, which is hard for a former tanker to see the results of...) If I may get back to so
  5. I've played the tutorial campaigns, read the manual, played a half-dozen quick battles, and now I'm playing a couple of scenarios, and I keep getting wiped the f*** out, having to restart, rinse repeat. It seems I can only solve these puzzles by failing at every possible permutation. I'm kind of having two problems: spotting, and understanding small arms damage/cover from small arms. I'm only working on two scenarios, one I "cracked" and one I'm throwing my hand up in disgust at. Either might have been downloads (I downloaded tons of files before I started playing scenarios, so I don't
  6. So since you mentioned nothing about any special game abilities, I assume that such teams are basically be used normally.
  7. +1 (!) So now I'm on to another quick battle. I've played a couple of those now, the first two with automatic troop allocation by the AI. Worked out well enough, though in one of them the main body of my force consisted of MMG and HMG teams (and ammo bearers). Only 3 squads of infantry, but probably 15 to 18 MGs (most heavy). Seemed odd. Any comments? Now I'm on to another in which I'm buying my own troops (and letting the German be auto-selected) with an infantry-only constraint to both sides. Why can't I buy paratroopers in June 44? (And why are engineers referred to as 'pioneers'
  8. Well, I think I understand hedgerows now, at least, and anything larger than that is bocage/impassable without breach/natural breaks, from what you've told me (and much obliged for the help). On the random map created for me, there were no gaps in a quite large proportion of the bocage. Is it common to have large areas of bocage without gaps? In the scenario I've switched to (Platoon Patrol), natural breaks are present someplace in every field. I haven't checked much of the forum yet, but has the user community created scenarios outside of the June-to-August time frame of the original g
  9. I find that to be a negative selling point. Peeling my green/yellow color-blind eyes through miles of hedgerow for a gap does not equate to fun gameplay in my book. Unhappy. But thank you for the clarification.
  10. After playing through the two tutorials (and being a CM1 veteran with a long hiatus from the game), I set up a quick battle, gave a bunch of orders, and then watched as my infantry ran 1,000 meters tangent to the objective I gave them that was 50 meters directly in front. I've gathered based on the ridiculous reactions to all my move orders that the tree-lined hedges between the infantry and the move objective was impassable. Fine, I understand hedgerows, but the problem is that I can't tell the difference between what is impassable and what is navigable. I'm a little bit colorblind, thou
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