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  1. I am pretty sure @Falaiseis pulling our legs - with fake quotes.
  2. When you haven´t started yet, it doesn´t count as genuine slowness I started nine years ago. Admittedly, part of the delay was due to upgrades that made my save games unplayable, so I had to start over again at least two times.
  3. Lucky, that it wasn´t me who made that request, then: I still havent finished the Scottish Corridor campaign - after nine years
  4. Generally, I think the Sherman looks too bulky and clumsy. But for some reason I think the Firefly looks really badass
  5. That´ll mean that if it isnt now - it will be never!
  6. As long as it isn't the release date of the module
  7. Didn´t someone make a file once?
  8. Wow. How did you get those helmets in the game? Turn them 90 degrees and they would look a lot like the danish M23 helmets. I have been looking for those for a danish scenario I´ve been planning.
  9. I'd say about 100 km east of Berlin
  10. I placed them behind a normal hedge row. At the first try I placed them behind bocage, but the none of Shermans ever spotted the guns. So I changed it to normal hedges. But as I said: They all spotted equally well - crates, sandbags or none.
  11. Right. I just ran a couple of tests with 30 M4´s vs 30 PaK 38´s placed behind hedges. They were all in separate lanes, so each Sherman only would face one PaK. The PaK´s all had short cover arcs to ensure that they would not fire on the Shermans but let the Shermans spot uninterfered. Whether they had crates, sandbags or nothing on the front made no difference whatsoever on the Shermans´ spotting abilities.
  12. So you are talking about sandbags ON the Shermans?
  13. It would be nice if you defined "sandbagged" - and which CM game you are playing. As far as I can tell there is no way for a player to select whether a Sherman has sandbags on the front or not (in CMBN). They seem to load ramdomly. So I assume you are talking about a tank placed behind a sandbag barrier?
  14. As far as I can deduct from the Elvis Oracle´s utterings back then, that first "very" was six days before release. Alas, I think the one you are referring to is not a "very", but a "very, very"
  15. Looks perfect for a Red vs Red battle!
  16. One of my favorite albums. Bought it back in 1980 - and when I rediscovered it a few years back, I was amazed at how well it has aged.
  17. I have never created a campaign, but I have used mod tags in scenarios. And it is my understanding that you would be able to apply a modtag to each scenario of a campaign separately. So in my opinion it should be possible to change the uniforms during the campaign by changing the modtags of the individual scenarios.
  18. Thanks, but don´t count on it. Modding is a lot of work and I really only do it when I feel like it.
  19. Great, thanks! It had never occured to me that the setup zones had any influence on this. So I didnt use setup zones in my tests
  20. Hi Just tested it myself. As far as I can tell, it works like this: "Dismount" only works for vehicles carrying spare ammunition - like trucks for instance. When you select a truck to be dismounted in the editor, it automatically becomes an ammo dump. For other vehicles or if you want a truck to be "normally dismounted", then you just leave it at the default "OK" status and deploy you troops. Once it has been deployed on the map you then give it the "dismount" order (for some vehicles it is "bail out" instead of "dismount" for some reason - I dont know why BFC has made that distinction there). Hope this helps? Edit: If you by "abandoned" mean that you would like the crew to be able to reman the vehicle, then do as above. If you just want the vehicle to be there for decorative reasons, you can always use "destroyed" or "immobilized". Second edit: Your post prompted me to try an old idea once again, namely: Can you make a scenario where you need to get a tank crew back to their abandoned tank? Alas, that seems impossible, because even though you can get the crew to dismount the vehicle in the editor, it seems that it always automatically remounts the tank, once you start the scenario in the "Battle" menu. A real pity
  21. Oh, no - it´s the master race! Seriously: wonderful work - as always, Falaise.
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