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  1. Great looking map, @Glubokii Boy I dont know if you are aware of Npye’s Stalingrad mods or my own Factory Mod set? (If not, see my signature) I think you might find them useful for your map. Looking forward to trying it sometime
  2. And thank you right back at you - for the original work on editing mdr files
  3. Thanks for the reply. I really like that factory and I think it is a building type there is a real need for in CM. That is why I had hoped for a building with more placement options. I guess that the inability to have certain buildings turned 45 degrees has something to do with how the buildings are placed on the action spots? A pity it is so, but as you say - we´ll just have to work around it. The texture issues are no game breakers to me. I just thought I´d make you aware of them. Wow! I knew they must have taken a long time to make, because they are truly incredible (Love the map in Night at the Opera) But that sure is a long time.
  4. ...and speaking of patches: It seems to me that there is a couple of texture errors in the factory. Like these details: And is the roof supposed to look like this - or is the texture missing? (all pics are RT 2.11 - no mods)
  5. Finally! The past couple of weeks since the release of F&R I have been quite immersed in the editor, trying to see how I could put all the features to good use when creating maps. And at long last I managed to find the new Factory building that we had been promised before the module was released. Rigth when I was beginning to suspect that it didn´t actually exist at all. But it was there, as the last of the commercial buildings - and is surely looking mighty fine (and in all modesty I suspect that it has at least partly been inspired by my own factory mod, based on a church building?). But my discovery of the Factory also lead to a series of questions about buildings in general in the editor. Like for instance: Why can we only place the factory building diagonally? And the next question: Why cant we place the windmills - or any of the "other" buildings diagonally? Is there a reason for this - or is it simply an oversight (bug) that will be fixed in a coming patch?
  6. I have now tested the save function in the Red Thunder install on my laptop. The problem is exactly the same here.
  7. I use an old version of Photoshop (CS5). Works very fine for my needs.
  8. Yes, have been struggling with that as well. I dont think there is any way to solve it properly, but you can always change the roof textures so that the texture for one building size fits one specific building layout. It is not optimal as you wont get the option of pairing every roof layout with every facade layout. But it is sort of a stop gap measure.
  9. Well, it is not a Microsoft problem, since all my other CM games still enable me to save while overwriting a previous save. And I actually consider it a relatively big problem that I no longer am able to save a game in the way I have been used to for more than 10 years. Especially, since there is no warning or other indication that something is wrong: You simply lose whatever progress you have made if you forget to rename the file. A lesser problem is that when you always have to rename the save file, you end up with many more save files cluttering up your hard drive.
  10. You can definitely add more facade variations. There are 8 stock layouts, so simply rename them "facade9-exterior-bottom", facade10-exterior-bottom etc. I dont know about the windows.
  11. Normally, they dont. But in this case it could seem like the troops are shooting at the same moment as the germans are surrendering. Also, it seems like there is incoming fire from some troops outside the picture - perhaps a unit area firing at the german position?
  12. I reported this save file problem in tech support - and since several others experience the same, I guess can be called a bug
  13. The new Aris is one thing I am sure I´ll never be. I have no idea how he managed to spew out so many mods so fast. I´d rather not promise anything - but please let me know what´s on your mind. By the way: Could you please check if you are experiencing the same save strangeness as me?
  14. Great discovery. Perhaps I´d like to learn sometime (though not right now). Here´s the new R35 - ready for Red Thunder https://www.dropbox.com/sh/upfw533fiv4ur2j/AADW5Jnn0hEoaHv8VpZdR77Ya?dl=1
  15. I have just deleted and reintalled Red Thunder anew. It didnt solve anything: The save problem still exists!
  16. I am experiencing a peculiar problem in CM Red Thunder: Whenever I try make a save that would normally overwrite a previous save with the same name - then the game doesn´t save the turn. This has begun since installing the Fire and Rubble module. For instance I last night lost about an hour´s worth of setup "work" in the first battle of Night at the Opera. I had opened the campaign and saved the game right away as "CMFR Night at the Opera Axis b1 150" - and when I took a break an hour later I saved again with the same file name. But when I opened the game, nothing had been saved - and when I checked the time of the save file I could see that the original file had not been overwritten. I have now tried saving different games and the result is always the same: When I give a savefile a name that already exists, then the game ignores the save. But: I have also noticed that every time I make such an unsuccesful attempt to save, the game creates a tempfile (TMP) at exactly the same time - in the main Red Thunder folder. For instance: tempfile u5.tmp or tempfile q.tmp Is there anything I can do - or do I need to reinstall? I do of course have save files - though only the original versions of each
  17. I am having the same problem with F&R (dont have CW yet)
  18. I dont think that light mortars are ever connected to the forward observers, but only meant to fire directly.
  19. Great little feature. Thanks for sharing that
  20. Wunderbar! Is that your own magic?
  21. Thanks. But did I misunderstand the use of the R35 - is it supposed to be a soviet tank? I thought it was meant to be romanian. I also started out with the Lynx myself - but the crew positions (when open) were... ...interesting :
  22. @kohlenklau I couldnt resist trying to get the R35 into Red Thunder - and here it is, fighting a couple of BA64. In the menu in the last seconds you can see that it is actually a disguised psw 222. I´ve tried a lot of other vehicles, but this one is the only vehicle I found with a comparable strength - where the crew isnt too much out of the place. At least when it isn´t open:
  23. We are lacking the key exclamations, though: "Achtung, ein engländer!" "Teuffel! Ich bin getroffen!"
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