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  1. Well, is it possible to have just Germany activated and all others at some stage of activation? I could then script events like: 1. Germany reoccupy rhineland or 20% decrease in production capacity for Germany on so and so date?...once occupied then France and UK activation goes up. 2. Same idea with Czech...German navy...etc. I could have a seies of events that the German player would have to choose to either lose German capacity (due to political or economic need) or increase allied activation due to actions.
  2. Shoot, I've already saved over the last autosave. I'll send the error file to you, hope it helps. Thanks.
  3. Is anyone working on a 1936 (or earlier) mod?
  4. Can someone tell me what this message means and why I saw it the second Russia declared war? It ruined my game...crashed.
  5. Hello, I think this is my first post. I have "lurked" this forum for years. I have played SC1 for years. About a year ago I got to the point where I could play as Germany, max difficulty and settings and Italy nuetral and still conquer the world (probably not unusual at this point). But I have to say, it is a great game! My other favorite prior to SC1 was DOS High Command, but that AI was horrible. Just throught I'd do my one post saying thanks to Battlefront for your work (especially Hubert). Also, I enjoy the sometimes mindless ramblings on this forum. It helps past the time till SC2. ..
  6. Hello, I've come back to this game after a long time. I was excited to see it offered by download as I have time over the next few days to play. The direct2drive however did not work out. After trying three valid credit cards I emailed their support (no phone number available). They emailed back saying it had nothing to do with them that I had to contact battlefront. I emailed battlefront with no response. Is there anyone that can help me with this?
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