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  1. Just started playing again with version 3.0 after over a year off. Can I please have some ideas about how to attack a dug in enemy. Obviously I would like to call in mortar fire but my HQ spotter has to expose himself in order to call in the fire. An assault would be suicide and I have no smoke. Also to provide covering fire for an assault i will need to expose the firing unit and they will be picked off one by one.

    Thanks for any advice on how best to accomplish this in this game.

  2. After loading the new patch my games, both new and saved, were screwed royally. I can't even describe what was going on. Never the less I uninstalled every mod I had going and it works fine. I began to ease them back in and I found that the main culprit was Vins Animated Text. This to me is the most useful mod I have used. Vin, if you read this please fix your mod so I can re download it. I miss it a lot.

    I will continue to re install my favorite mods back into the Z file and will report any incompatibility I see.

  3. This is a work of art in my view so thanks to all involved for guaranteeing me many hours of additional enjoyment with CMBN.

    I played the first turn and the mayhem was astounding which begs a question. Since this is a campaign, will there be opportunities for replacements in follow on scenarios? I can see losing most of Company F in the first landing scenario and some platoons might be completely annihilated.

  4. I know this scenario has been beat to death but my question is, why would anyone design a scenario like this? Whats the purpose? I have been attempting it over and over again for a week and have now decided to not finish this campaign, which is too bad because I enjoy campaigns the best and I am a paying customer who just wants to have some fun. In my view this is the most unrealistic scenario of all I have played.....because the attack as it is set up would never have been made by an American at least. Ever heard of air superiority? Which bring up another question....has anyone seen an air attack yet.

    This bad scenario brings down the whole campaign which is a terrible waste of time and effort.

    Allow me to congratulate and thank the designers that contributed to the "Montcourt" campaign and the "Devils" mod campaign. I will play the German one next and also the "outlaws" one. I hope more are developed because if you only play solo like me, these are the heart of the CM experience. Too bad.

  5. When I first got the game I started the MONTCOURT (sp?) campaign right off and have just completed it this morning. I will start the next US campaign tomorrow and the German one after that. I have finished the small "Devils" Campaign and that was a hoot. I certainly hoping that some of you talented designers are working on some more as I type this or at least have some planned. I am hooked on Campaign play now. I look forward to enjoying your fine work. Actually I would pay $ for a campaign if they were of the quality that came with the game.

  6. How hard can it be to code a road column order for a platoon or section of vehicles. Many of you may also play the Norbsoft Gettysburg game where we can give a movement order to a Division or Brigade and tell it to use roads and the regiments march nicely in column to the nearest road and stays on the road until the objective is reached....even going through towns.

    I qualify this assertion with the fact that I know Zero about writing code and/or programing games. Cheers.

  7. I've always thought that if he and those other guys over at Gamesquad dislike CMx2 so much and have been harping that point over and over...then they should put their money where there mouth is and create the ultimate wargame. Now one can say those over at said forum are the same guys who have assisted in the production of PCO. You look at any of the wargaming sites...you compare CMBN and PCO thread activity and you notice a major difference. CMBN threads are humming with activity. You can hear a cricket chirp in the PCO threads...including the main forum over at Matrix Games.

    Frankster, I swear if those people over at GS - CM put out a better game than this I will definitely buy it. Doesn't even have to be better, just close. I will buy PCO eventually. I didn't do it now because my war-gaming time is limited and I didn't think I would play it.

  8. Let me get my two cents in. I found the Gamesquad forum a few years ago and got so tired of those guys I never go there anymore. To me it wasn't a forum at all but a chat room with 5 or 6 guys taking turns taking swats at anything CM. They seem to feed off themselves and I would say that for grown men (assuming here) to get that vociferous and strident over a computer game that they don't HAVE to purchase is quite frightening.

  9. I just can't get this right. I am playing wego. I want to direct fire to a point on the map but if I fire for the full minute turn I might use all my remaining ammo. I have 24 shells remaining and want to use about 10. I estimate that will take 20 seconds to do that. Please tell me how the game will allow me to do that? If I give a target order firing begins immediately. Thank yoU.

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