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  1. Trying to install after a long time Blitzkrieg (I bought all the games a long time ago) I get this error message: Relicensing is not allowed. The availabilyty of licenses for this license key has inspired. Another problem: I cannot get into my store account. No account with my e-mail adress (but here is their confirmation e-mail: Thank you for registering at Battlefront-Store. Your customer account has been created. You may login to https://www.battlefront-store.com:8443 using the following username and password: Username - It's a pity i cannot do anything but buy it again. Joris
  2. Scott, thank you for your reply. But when I look in the scripts there are no Chinese free units. Joris Geens
  3. Hello all, Is it normal that after the surrender of China one HQ still fights on? It happened already twice to me. First I thought it was general Stilwell, but it was not. Is this a bug or not? This has nothing to do with the two China's (China and communist China) Joris Geens
  4. You can find the manual at the same page as the demo (one line up) http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_flippingbook&book_id=10&Itemid=334
  5. Yes, that is it. The problem was that after execution of the script it disappears from the list. That's why I couldn't find it. It also has only 50% and I played this scenario already a few times without this script happening.
  6. Hi all, I am playing the Patton Drives East (Unternehmen Seelowe). In septembre 1943 I get a message that general Badoglio makes a treaty with the allies and Italy retreats from the war and I loose all the italian units; I can't find any script over this. Can somebody help me to stop this event? Greetings Joris Geens
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