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  1. Does anybody know the average point cost of units that are priced in groups such as an individual squad, a platoon HQ, a company HQ, a battalion HQ? It would help when making command decisions in the field.

    Also, does anyone know the order of priority the AI uses in choosing targets? In other words, which units will trigger the AI to target the most?

    Thank You!

  2. I'm starting a new PBEM where I'm assaulting a German held town through woods at night in thick fog and darkness. I don't have much night fighting experience. Other than "Don't try that you idiot!" - any other advice for me before I get started? I have all SMG and engineer squads, 8 LMG, 4 tank hunter teams, 4 flamthrower teams and three T-34 flame tanks. Visibility is almost nil.

  3. Well I went out of town a few days but I'm back - the Brumbars are basically moving forward on "hunt." My stuck Brummbar unbogged (whew). When they come in LOS of any building, I'm leveling the building. I've now identified three Wolverines lurking around - no other AFVs yet. My infantry is moving forward about 300m ahead of the Brumbars, halftracks are hanging back out of sight for now. I hit the village with incendiary rockets and there are a few fires going. I blew up one house a Wolverine was hiding behind but it was not apparenty damaged. Thats about it for now -no AFVs lost on either side so far.

  4. I recently started a QB PBEM in which I am attacking a British held town with a German force. Wanting to try a try some new things I picked 4 Brummbars for armor. Now to my horror I see that there are only six HC shells between all of them - the rest of the shells are all HE. To add to the trouble - the Brummbar that had 4 of the HC just bogged. My only other vehicles are 2 251/17 halftracks and one 250/9 halftrack. Should I just surrender now or are there any tactics to salvage this?? So far I've seen 2 enemy Wolverines that have done no damage yet.

  5. I find 30 - 35 turns long enough for me a ME. If it's an attack I want to get 40+ turns. I would think in a 70 turn ME the battle would be decided by at least turn 40 and then you'd be - what - mopping up tank crews? For the next 30 turns. I'm a newer player so timing is a problem for me also - I either take the flags with too much time left for the enemy to get them back or take too long to get into position.

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