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  1. Well I just think only three things could have happened:

    1) My nearby artillery strike caused the tanks to drive off

    2) He gave the tanks a sloppy movement order through pines or something that made them re-route themselves off the map.

    3) He had his tanks too close to the edge of the map.

    I've never heard of tanks suddenly driving off the map for no reason. I feel like he's saying: "Hey how about giving me another chance to beat you?" Suppose I give him another chance and then his tanks drive up and knock all mine out - then how will that feel?

    I guess I just mainly wanted to know if anyone has ever had tanks suddenly do things without orders.

  2. I recenty started a PBEM game on a competitive ladder with a guy who sent me this email:

    "I have never had this happen before... can we go back to turn 14? My armour

    just decided to zip off the map all on its own accord and has disappeared

    from existence. I automatically lose if we don't."

    I'm not sure how I should answer this. What would you guys do?

  3. I have a FO with LOS to my target. (Blue line) After setting the target the line turns tan with a message (2 minutes) until it falls. Now - I can give the FO a movement order and the target line will stay. But will the strike still be accurate if I don't sit there waiting until it falls? Or do I need to just sit there for the two minutes looking at my target?

  4. This is basically the reason given for switching themes. Don't you guys think Paul McCartney gets tired of singing "Let it Be?" But the consumers still want it. Come on Battlefront - the biggest successes in life are those who specialize. Why would you want to be good at all eras of war and master of none? You already had such a head start with the WWII theme. Why couldn't you simply just give us the theme we wanted? :(

  5. I've been using PBEM helper with no trouble for six months now but have never watched a movie. What happens is I'll select Game/view your movie, then get a dialog box asking whether I want 2 extra setup turns. I click "yes" -then I'm taken to my PBEM game folder where it says "Select a numbered turn file name." Problem is there are no files to select - only the yellow folders that contain the files. When I click on the yellow folders it shows nothing in them. Each of my files has the three number tag on them so I don't get it.

  6. In a current unrestricted QB I won the usual ME "flag race" but my victory is slipping away in an engagement in which my opponent has huge amounts of infantry. He seems to have bought almost all infantry and mortars and spent only a token on armor. He's gradually surrounding my boys and eating them up. This seems like a sound strategy since infantry can take the most punishment of anything on the battlefield and still recover to fight. What do you experts think? Is extreme reliance on infantry the soundest way to win these quick battles?

  7. So far this "follow vehicle" command has done nothing but get my men killed. I had a full platoon on "follow vehicle" to a T-34 near some woods. The men were already within 30 meters of the vehicle. The T-34 backed up about 10 meters. The infantry all fired once, (missed) got up, and walked out of cover right towards the T-34s waiting guns. They did not stop and did not throw grenades - just kept walking like they were going to ask the commander for a cig. Blam! Blam! - almost all decimated. I'm never using that command again.

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