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  1. I've been looking at the cost, and rarity and availability of the armor found in the QB region selections North, Central, and South. THis is a HUGE amount of information to sort through and granted I've barely scratched the surface, but I've found so far that all three regions' selections and rarity are identical.

    Can anyone confirm this and, if so, why bother to divide things up into regions? For the terrain and weather only?

  2. I don't understand the transport class rating for different units in the game. For example, an infantry squad and a sharpshooter are both rated at a "1" - but a squad has 9 men and a sharpshooter has one. Vehicles have a transport rating too but I don't understand how that relates to the men they carry.

  3. Has anyone actually compared these infantry platoons in the editor? I'm talking point cost, number of men per squad, firepower, ammo loadout, etc. My gosh, the Russians are superior in almost every category. You would be hard pressed to find one class of German infantry that is equal or better than it's Russian counterpart. Is there one? The only thing I found was mountain troops - the Germans have a lot more firepower there, but they have less than half of the ammo the Russians get!

    After looking at these stats, I'm surprised the Germans ever win a QB - especially an infantry only ME. Does anyone have any tips that they can offer to equalize things on the battlefield?

  4. According to Chris Hare's exposure chart, infantry resting at the edge of both woods and pines have 18% exposure. I find it hard to believe that this exposure rating could be identical but it seems to old up in a test. Are there any differences or advantages to being in woods instead of pines (in summer) or are they basically the same? Anyone know?

  5. I never said it was nice, I just said it wasn't like what happened to the jews of Europe.

    So go sing your sad false, inflated numbers song to yourself in the corner and quit threating me because we all know who won the Cowboy and Indian fight. [/QB]

    "Estimates of how many people were living in the Americas when Columbus arrived have varied tremendously; in the 20th century scholarly estimates ranged from a low of 8.4 million to a high of 112.5 million persons."

    That is a quote from Wickipedia - and as far as who won the fight for America - giving your enemy diseased blankets, repeatedly breaking treaties, slaughtering buffalo (food supply) and using Winchesters against bows and arrows sounds real fair. I agree that the Nazis were worse in that they were more systematic and efficient about it, but their goals were the same. They wanted land and wanted to spread their ideas and if they had to kill to do it, so be it.

  6. Most of us love to hate Nazis - I agree - you can't respect those who commit genocide. I recommend everyone read "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" if you want to see how Americans did basically the same thing to the Indians - just over a longer period of time - not quite as Germanly efficient and organized about it - but no one came to rescue them.

  7. I've noticed helpful tips in this forum such as "a HMG remains a sound contact beyond 250 meters." Is there an organized chart available anywhere of sound contact distances for different units?

    Also, I'd like to know what firing rates per minute are when infantry are rested, cautious, shaken, advancing, assaulting, resting, etc.

  8. Say you have an enemy squad in the corner of a factory - if you area fire near the squad, does it hurt the squad more than area firing in another part of the factory tile or does the whole tile count as "factory" and suppress the same?

    Also, say you see the squad in the factory - do you target the squad itself or area fire near it for the most effect?

  9. I'm defending in a QB and bought a couple of KVs because I knew (or thought) my opponent would find it too hard to knock them out and have to choose another route other than the central bridge they were guarding. They both had veteran crews but to my dismay they were both knocked out easily by a Pz III at 300 meters. The chart shows that even at 100 meters the Pz III only penetrates 71m of armor. The KVs had 95-100m of protection so what gives?

  10. I have a huge map that I would like to trim down to medium size in the editor to import into a QB.

    The quetion is, is there any way to trim off the South and the West side of the map in addition to the North and the East side? I'm wanting to keep the town with the flags centered in the middle by trimming each side equally.

  11. I'm on the other side with an entrenched and walled-in 40 mm AA gun in another scenario - it's being fired on with HE from 3-4 German tigers - at least 4 minutes worth of fire so far. This gun is out of command, too. Result? My crew is "broken" but not one crew member has died yet and the gun has not been abandoned! (Mental note for defense: entrenched AA)

  12. I'm playing a scenario now where I am attacking a Russian airfield that is surrounded by AA guns. Each gun is dug in and surrounded by it's own stone wall. I'm hitting them with everything - 75 mm HE, 81 mm mortars, 50 mm mortars, Heavy MGs, Heavy AT rifles, etc. The dang things are practically unkillable. When the gun crews duck they show "0% visibility." I don't have enough smoke to rush them with infantry - they are too far out in the open and covered by infantry in the buildings behind them. I'll be out of HE soon. Why are they so hard to kill?

  13. I had a panther near some woods recently that needed to keep it's attention forward. THere was an enemy squad in the woods trying to close assault the panther from the side. The nearest thing I had to help was a Hetzer - I actually area fired right through the Panther into the woods to suppress the enemy. It didn't hurt the Panther at all. I have also had tanks lined up in single file firing forward. The rear tank's fire never seemed to harm the front tank. Is this everyone's experience?

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