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  1. I have had this happen twice today - I have a squad sitting in the dark in some cover right next to a buttoned enemy tank (within 10 meters) with a target line on it, a stock of grenades, and in "OK" condition. What do they do? They just sit there for a full minute or longer doing nothing until the tank finally pulls away. Why is this? Is another command needed to get them to throw those grenades?

  2. I was reading the following info about Volksgrenadiers from Wickipedia today:

    "Many prior infantry divisions that had been mauled or destroyed in combat were rebuilt to the new Volksgrenadier standard, and new divisions were raised as well. They were formed out of anything the Replacement Army could get its hands on: boys and elderly men, men previously rejected as physically unfit for service, wounded soldiers returning from hospitals, and transfers from the "jobless" personel of the quickly shrinking Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe, usually organized around small cadres of hardened veterans."

    Has the reality of this been factored in to CMBB? It appears not by looking at the stats. For example, it is possible to buy "crack" volksgrenadiers for QBs the first month they come out in August of '44. Shouldn't it be only possible to get them as conscripts?

    Just wondering if anyone has found their actual game performance is somehow lower since they carry all the same weapons and fitness appears the same as the regular army in the purchase area.

  3. Here's one for you CM scholars: I have 2 HMG teams in a 2 story building. Four shermans are approaching and I can tell they are going to knock it down with HE. They cannot leave the building because they would be spotted - they move too slow and there is deep snow all around. Which floor should I put them on where they will take the fewest casualties? Or are casualties all random? And - in a related question - do falling heavy buildings cause more casualties than falling light buildings?

  4. Are the same treebase bmp numbers used in CMBB for both scattered trees and woods in winter? If they are different, what numbers are for woods and pines? I'd like to be able to tell the woods, pine, and scattered tree areas apart better with trees turned off so I can plot vehicle moves easier. They now look identical with snow on the ground.

  5. I'm trying to support my infantry with area fire as they advance on some enemy platoons in the woods. Does anyone know what distance the friendlies must be from the target area before the AFV will actually fire? It's so frustrating to have to try to guess and then watch the tank sit there doing nothing for the whole minute because friendly infantry are too close....

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