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  1. OK I am trying my first operation which is called "Carentan v2." I don't get it - will somebody explain how these things work? There are nine battles in it. In the briefing screen before the first battle as the axis it says I'm supposed to protect the junction at Come-du-mont and also hold the bridges N. and E. of Carentan. Well, I defended Come-Du-mont allright but there was no Carantan on the map and no bridges. Where were they? Then I started battle #2 a little further back for some reason. Why? This was a night battle that lasted 20 turns. NOTHING happened for 18 turns. I just sat in Co
  2. I'm having trouble adjusting my artillery - I never know how far to adjust it to keep it from resetting to 2 or three minutes. I read somewhere that there was a keyboard command that restores the units last order. Does anybody know what that command is?
  3. I like playing against the AI in partial FOW because it's more enjoyable for me to see more of what's happening. Question is: does the AI also see me in partial FOW? It wouldn't really be fair if it didn't.
  4. I was wondering - are there mods available for earlier periods in the war, such as the blitzkrieg through France? Can someone give me a link to find out how to use those? Thanks.
  5. yep - you're right. I'm playing that scenario for the third time - I like what happens in it.
  6. OK - I just ended up sending two trucks out on my bridge and let the British shoot them. The crews ran out after that. I did lose one crew though. It didn't stop any infantry like you said, but it did slow a crocodile which my 88 then shot. there's a huge burning mess on that bridge now!
  7. Is it possible to unbog a tank by pushing with another tank?
  8. Question: is there a way to abandon bunkers, pillboxes, and vehicles before you come under fire? I was wanting to leave a bunker in my scenario empty since it immediately gets destroyed in the first 5 minutes anyway, and I was thinking it would be cool to leave unneeded trucks parked across bridges as roadblocks and such.
  9. Thanks - that helps! (The answer, that is.)
  10. Will somebody define this for me? I don't know what overwatch is and everyone keeps referring to it.
  11. What part did you read? I'm having the same cmmoslog.txt error message. Help!!
  12. Thank you - that was part of what was confusing me.
  13. The main thing that attracted me to this game was the turn-based hybrid and the realism. However, I've noticed some suspect things. Like yesterday, a Churchill VII tank, BUTTONED UP, suddenly turned 90 degrees and started firing on my Panzerschrek team which was hiding in a swamp 140 meters away. How the heck could he see them? I saw no infantry around. Then, I was excited to get a Tiger and use it, but in both scenarios I played with one, it was defeated by enemy forces without even inflicting one casualty. The second time, my tiger was waiting for a freakin' Sherman to come through the w
  14. Dumb question of the day: what exactly do the yellow and red target lines mean? this always confuses me. Does yellow mean I'm targeting them and red mean I'm actually firing? Or is yellow them shooting at me or what?
  15. Hi everyone - I'm new to this game - my first week playing. I have a few newbie questions I hope you can help me with. I already read the manual so I might have missed something. Foxholes: How do they appear? Just by keeping your untits in the same spot?
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