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  1. I'm picking up a lot of basic (universal) strategies for playing this great game through reading these forums. Such as:

    1) Fire takes ground, not men.

    2) Attack with as much fire as possible while limiting the defender's ability to return fire.

    3) Go for the high ground if possible.

    Any other basic strategy guidelines you veterans use regularly that you can help us new guys with?

  2. Originally posted by JasonC:

    I'm saying rather more than that. Yes move to contact is useful against units on covered arcs. No it isn't a way to charge unscouted terrain with a whole platoon, because you don't charge unscouted terrain with whole platoons. That is what single point half squads do.

    Point taken.
  3. I've been testing this dreaded situation which is infantry approaching a patch of trees that may hide the enemy. What is the safest command to use?

    In this test I used 3 regular German recon '41 squads, in command, approaching a group of pines across open ground. Hidden in the pines were three regular Soviet recon C squads, in command, with 100 meter cover arcs activated, ready to ambush.

    I had the German squad cross the cover arcs five times for each command given them. Then I recorded the results after one minute elapsed. After adding everything up, here's the casulties I came up with, plus the squad morale levels, in the order of damage inflicted:

    RUN: 54 casualties - 3 routed, 4 panicked,

    5 pinned, 2 shaken, 1 cautious

    MOVE: 33 casualties - 1 broken, 10 pinned, 1 shaken, 1 cautious, 1 alerted, 1 OK

    ADVANCE: 29 casualties - 3 panicked, 12 pinned

    ASSAULT: 24 casualties - 2 panicked, 7 pinned, 5 shaken, 1 cautious

    MOVE TO CONTACT: 16 casualties - 3 pinned, 2 shaken, 4 cautious, 5 alerted, 1 OK

    MOVE TO CONTACT & HIDE: 13 casualties - 5 pinned, 1 shaken, 2 cautious, 5 alerted, 2 OK

    SNEAK: 13 casualties - 2 pinned, 2 shaken, 5 cautious, 5 alerted, 1 OK

    I found this interesting as a new player and perhaps it will help in some decision making. Any comments?

  4. what is the best order to give when your armor is in imminent danger of being knocked out - reverse to cover, fast to cover, or just stay put and fire until knocked out? It seems like every time I try to move out of enemy LOS, I realize I'd been better off just to stay put.

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