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  1. I recently started a QB in May '45 and chose a Polish SMG company just for fun along with some Polish support units. In the game, however, they all are Russian, with Russian flags and uniforms. Are Poles modeled as Russians in the game or did one of my past mods eliminate them? (lol)I saw a Polish infantry mod a CMMODS but was concerned that it would turn ALL Russian infantry Polish.


    Just did a count and the Russians get 41 AFVs: 19 vet, 16 crack, and 6 elite.

    The Germans get 16 AFVs: 3 vet, 13 crack, no elite, with seven of the 16 vehicles being on fixed carriages with paper thin armor.

    I think you are right - the Russians could lose if the commander for some reason barely moved forward, but against an average or better opponent I can't imagine any kind of armor fighting skill that would save you.

  3. Has anyone won the advance op "Mobile Defense" as the Germans vs a human player? If so I was wondering if you could PLEASE tell me what tactics were used. I've never won as the Germans - to me it seems impossible because if you try to hold ground or go forward with your few ubertanks you can be easily surounded by swarms of Russian armor, but if you back up you give the enemy the end of the map.

  4. I will move my crews usually to back flags out of danger or off the map. My trucks I often drive off the map after make their deliveries. I have even moved my FOs off the map after they did their job. Also gun damaged tanks and vehicles that can't fire. Why give the other guy easy targets and points? In my experience as long as you are winning this little drop in morale won't do much of anything.

  5. interesting - well I did some more testing in the editor with a hidden Russian AT gun in woods firing at an 81mm german mortar in the open - the gun used HE until the crew abandoned the mortar. I then observed the gun crew using this "self-defense" fire about three times - they killed two mortar team members with it as they ran away so it is more than courtesy fire - can't call it that anymore...

  6. Here is my test:

    I made a tiny scenario in the editor. I put a regular PzIVG out in the open presenting his side to a 57mm AT Gun hidden in some nearby woods. Accompanying the AT gun are two maxims and and SG43 mmg with short cover arcs. (I put a couple of German bunkers out of the action so the scenario wouldn't end as soon as the tank died.)

    I then killed the tank several times and called a ceasefire, looking at the final results score each time.

    When all five of the crew get out alive, the final score for the Allies is 140 (the exact cost of this tank in the editor without rarity)

    I then ran the test again and when all five crew got out alive, I took the cover arcs off the mgs and machinegunned them all. After ceasefire the final score was 172 - that's 32 more points. Now imagine if your opponent was ruthless and took the time to hunt down and kill every crewmember you had on the field - in a big battle that could easily approach the cost of a 300 point flag.

    In another test when only two crewmembers crawled out alive, the final ceasefire score was 159 - so the Russkies got 19 points because the other three German crewmembers burned up in the tank.

    When two crewmembers died in the tank and three crawled out, the Russkies got 153 points, or 13 extra points for that. So the computer is definitely keeping track of each crewmember - although it seems to be a strange number of points (6.5 per man?) - not sure about that. This is a regular crew - I'm assuming vet and crack crews would garner even more points per man.

    Here's the amazing thing - When the Russkies blew up the tank and instantly killed all the crew inside, and none crawled out, the final score went back to 140! So you actually get more points for letting the crew crawl out and shooting them than blowing the whole tank up!

  7. Has anyone noticed when two enemy snipers meet up close in the woods, they don't actually kill each other? They engage in what I would call "courtesy fire" - you hear a shot from each every once in a while and they each duck and come back up, but neither is actually hurt or using up any ammo.

    This is also seen when a sniper comes up on an enemy truck - if he's too close he won't actually fire on the truck, only a sound and the truck will move away. I've also heard this "courtesy fire" come from gun crews and FOs - just a sound and no damage is done.

    Does anyone know what this behavior is supposed to model? The sound is like a rifle and a bolt being worked, not a pistol. Yet even pistol fire is monitored in HQs. Do these guys have hidden deringers in their boots that they didn't tell Battlefront about?

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