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  1. Yes, but don't expect anything all that soon. Thanks to the help I recieved as accurate a TO&E as I can compile now exists. The maps I have are useable, but still extremely painful to use for copying terrain. The scenario I am currently working on is 2nd RCR's attack on Hill 152 in Operation Osmosis, on a 2.8kmx2.8km map. It may take a few weeks, but it will eventually appear on the Proving Grounds.
  2. Listen to Battlefront. The world has changed. I now only feel safe out at night when carrying around a basket of raspberries. They've saved my life on more than on occasion .
  3. Alright , won on first try. Needless to say those HQs did NOTHING for me!
  4. Oh yes, our military is certainly a massive force with many high level secrets (most about missing money from the budget ).
  5. Sent an e-mail your way. Send me both just to keep me occupied, thanks.
  6. Good information stoat, but I misunderstood you as I thought you had the to&e for the battalions. The order of battle for the 25 CIB is on KVA Canada as posted by junk2drive, complete with dates of service. And Dorosh, whoa, there's loads of info to sift through on your forum even with a search, but I think I found the correct post. Those 75mm RCLs are going to hard to replace, and 6pdrs are the closest things to them for the Allies. Would anyone suggest using 6pdrs, or just should I just forget about this whole issue with the 75s?
  7. Dorosh: If I recall correctly, the 2in mortar was dropped in favour of the 60mm, but one was held in each company for smoke purposes. As for foreign designs, they traded to get their hands on M1 Garands, M2 Carbines and Thompsons as their Enfields and Stens where quite inadequite. Also I believe an extra Bren was added per squad and 12 halftracks where deployed for the mortar platoon (since converted to 81mm) but that's all I can find from my books. Any information on battalions would be excellent, Stoat, as my battles/ops are currently purely battalion sized. The fact that Vickers, .30 and
  8. Hi, I'm currently creating some Korean battles featuring Canadians, but am having trouble finding any imformation at all on how Canuck battalions where organized at the time. If anyone knows of any good sources it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Turnberry: I hope so, but those where the only unit sizes I saw on the info bars in the new screenshots. Just thought I'd get confirmation.
  10. A note on the screenshots; in them the only unit sizes are regiments and divisions. Have the army and corps scales been removed from the game in favour of these smaller unit sizes?
  11. Junk2drive and everyone else, if in anyway I came off as an arrogant, condescending SOB, I do apologize. I was becoming frustrated with the manual, since there was no page with information on how to place damaged buildings. From these posts I have determined that there is no way that you can directly control their placement.
  12. Have I just been accused of piracy by you two? I simply thought there was a way of placing damaged buildings on the map in the scenario editor without using the map generator, since you could be more precise in the placement of these damaged buildings. There was a description in the manual of how to place destroyed bridges (on page 146), and so I naturally assumed there was a similar hidden way for damaged buildings, but came up with nothing after a few minutes. Wanting to get on with playing CMAK, I simply just posted this topic and got on my way. I paid every single penny and anxiously waite
  13. I know where the Manual is. All I wnat to know is how to put damaged and heavily damaged buildings on the map in the scenario editor. I would rather play the game than navigate through the manual, and only posted this since I should have been faster.
  14. Should have been specific about the game. The only one in the series I don't own is CMBB. Could anyone tell me in reference to the CMAK manual, or just tell me in the reply how it is done.
  15. I have recently played some scenarios which feature damaged and heavily damaged buildings. Since there is no specific tile for damaged bulidings, is there any sort of 'secret' way of adding damaged buildings to the map, as there is with the destroyed bridge. I would check the manual, but I figured posting on the forum would be faster.
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