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  1. I know that the times I've played against others, I fear aircraft enough to always justify the purchases of some AA assets. I think it's a less difficult decision to make because it's not a waste, even if no fighter bombers show up. Those quad-20's can work wonders on alot of ground based targets as well, as some of my infantry dashing across a street covered by those AA assets found out the hard way. Ouch. I can't speak for others, but I think what makes aircraft feared/tempting for me is that they have a chance to do some serious damage if the situation turns out right. Sure, you can suff
  2. On the topic of Victory flags, I know there's been alot of talk and discussion on them beforehand, so I'm probably beating a dead horse. But I've found that while they're certainly likely to be the center of engagements, being the 'prize' you're fighting over and all, you can certainly grind out a victory by concentrating less on the flags (though don't forget about them entirely!) and more on inflicting casualties on your opponent. Twice I've managed to get a victory in a meeting engagement now by letting my opponent move in on the flag territory first simply because I had a better position a
  3. Stoat, I used to do the same thing in armor vs armor engagements, figuring I'd try to keep the visual advantage over the enemy. Until I saw several times when my tank took a direct hit, and while it shrugged off the shot, I guess my TCs, sitting happily up in their hatch caught the business end of shrapnel from the failed shell. So now, once the big steel beasts start throwing shells at each other I tell my TC to get their heads down. I still find myself tempted to pop up every now and then though. Especially during a lull in the fighting when you know the enemy tank is there but you ca
  4. From what I've seen the speed the vehicle is going at definetely plays a factor in the liklihood of it to bog down. Like with a tank going 'fast' across snow, in my experience, it's more often than not 'if' the tank will bog down, but when. When going off road the safer route is of course to keep your tanks moving more slowly, though it's still no guarantee they won't get stuck. Stick to roads where you can in bad terrain. As for pulling itself out after it -has- bogged down, I'm not sure on that part. I think it's just a case of whether the crew is able to work her loose or not but somebody m
  5. I agree that was an interesting read, whether you're a newbie or no I imagine. I see that it mentions a previous article concerning halftracks, is there any way to obtain that one too or was it unfortunately lost when the site went down?
  6. I took a look in the search topics but only found one other thread asking this question, and it kind of shifted off to discussion about how aircraft will often bomb your own units as well. Nobody seemed to answer the initial question though, and I'm curious myself. Does having a veteran fighter-bomber pose any difference as opposed to a green one? Has anybody done any tests in regards to this? I'm well aware from personal experience what can happen if the plane targets my own men, what I'm wondering though is what effect the experience level has on them. What am I supposed to be getting for th
  7. Just remembered another multiplayer match in BB with myself playing the russians. This didn't turn out against me in the end but I imagine my opponent was gnashing his teeth. Even if I lost it in the end. Meeting engagement again (I admit, I like ME battles), same kinda story as above. Our armored assets have at it as our infantry maneuver into place, except my tanks come out on the bad end very early on. My 1943 late model T-34's start getting taken apart by his tiger and a pair of Stugs. Eventually I manage to tag one of the Stugs but the tiger is of course the ever present problem. So
  8. Sgtgoody, all I can say is ow. That is exactly why if I have any armor I always get nervous on a map with 'deep snow'. I've had way too many tanks lost that way without even firing a shot. Though I did manage to do one quickbattle against a guy where I was assaulting. My armored forces included two groups of Stuarts on the offensive in deep snow (I also had two Shermans but didn't want them going off the roads). In the end only one Stuart bogged down and got stuck on me. Must be the light weight.
  9. There's probably been some 'worst moment' threads out there already, but I think I just experienced one of my own in a CMAK session I just had with someone. Meeting engagement, 1000 points set in Italy, July 1943. My opponent reached the flags first so I decided to try and slug it out with his infantry and mine at range first and see if I could soften him up before I pushed forward, since I had a cover advantage to do so. Meanwhile, our armored assets have at it, and I manage to come out on top at the end. Losing a halftrack and a panzer, but retaining one Panzer while he's lost two M10 mo
  10. Given that he e-mailed me earlier this afternoon it seemed he was gone off to holidays. Thanksgiving and all that, for the Americans, so that would explain absense. But we'll see. As for marching all troops in a straight line. Why didn't I think of that?
  11. CMAK A huge open desert type map set in africa with a large town as the setting. We decided to go with maximum damage settings, so we were fighting over little more than a ruined city, with me playing the Germans and him as the British. Upon the beginning of the match, from what I can already see of his units, I see alot of infantry. I decide, allright, I can move into position before him in the city, which I have covered with some guns and several platoons of soldiers as well as three PanzerII's to move into the city with the troops. Battle commences. Pretty straightforward. My troops
  12. Being an Ontario resident myself, and not knowing what happened I find myself wondering what the government did this time...? Unless it's something personal or secret, in which case ignore me.
  13. I'm sure the infantry gun has already been discussed in depth, but the context of my post goes beyond just that as I'll outline below. First off, a bit background on my own experience so far as I've been learning through playing online. It's been in my experience that almost every player I've gone up against so far (I'm sure this dosen't apply for all) who takes Germans almost always seems to take the infamous 150mm Infantry gun. I admit at first I didn't know what was so special, until I tried it myself and realized the thing was blowing apart tanks with HE shells and the like, and for a r
  14. It was a quick battle. I didn't know that fanatics couldn't appear in QBs. If that's the case then these guys were probably just really lucky then.
  15. Something that I'll keep in mind is the part about retreating back further into the building, though yes I know that running out into the street to assault a tank at that range is putting the guys at unnecessary risk, it was a deliberate choice on my part. I did say this was to familiarize myself with the tactics against armor with just infantry, perhaps I should have worded it as I wanted to see the 'effects'. At the time I wasn't too concerned about losing an engineer squad in the interests of seeing the boom of a demolition charge on a vehicle, as I was still new to this part of the game. I
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