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  1. Quick newbie question....... Do infantry and C/M units automatically fire in Move and/or attack mode? Or is is better if I target units and use the fire command? Thanks
  2. Do the same commands mean the same for infantry?
  3. Are the Attack and/or Assault commands relevevant for Mechanized units? Or just the move command? If so, what do the attacks connotate and which is most effective? ALSO, how can I get unattached units or stragglers from another squad to adhere to the commands of a different platoon leader? Thanks
  4. New to the game......have read the manual and the guides but for the LIFE of me cannot find a listing of the Hotkeys (pause, zoom, lock on unit, etc). Also, how do I set a units firing preference? Thanks
  5. I have the same problem with CMAK and CMBO (even after I bought the Vista patch)!!! When I try to run the game I get an intro screen that is exceeds my computer screen so I can only see "..ttlefron..." When I hit escape to go to the game menu, it is only partially visible in the top left corner!! In the words of Colonel Roberts, "Oh My God, what have I done"!!! Please help. Thanks
  6. Is there a place to get additional missions or battles? Apart from the Mission Pack. Thanks
  7. I purchased the Kalypose version of TOW and run Vista. This thing will not install!!! Have tried to install as Administrator but nothing!!!! Any solutions? Thanks
  8. Long time HoI and Time of Wrath player.....is Pacific Theater worth it for realism and gameplay? What are its assets and failings? Thanks
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