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  1. http://www.the-proving-grounds.com/ to play test H2H scenarios http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/ to play finished scenarios and review for other players.
  2. Guys, This site will provide email message support. Just clink the link built in to any member's name/handle, and you have a choice of ways to communicate. Battlefront.com does the rest. How you wish to reply is up to you, but Battlefront will host back and forth messaging to our personal email addresses. DesertWolf, BFC site-supported email is not currently selected in your profile. Go to USER CP>EDIT OPTIONS
  3. Clearly, there is a luck factor programmed into determing combat results, friendly fire and accidents. Most evident to AI players who are doing exceptionally well. Also comes into effect with computer experience bonus (although with CEBs those enemy conscripts, greens and regular troops can frequently outshine the best of my troops). Over time, I have sustained some really improbable casualties mostly lucky kills against highly skilled leaders. Once in a while I have good luck while firing from tanks on the move, or getting a keyhole shot throough teh corner of a building. My tendancy is
  4. This is a neat game feature. Despite saving the crew and preventing them from exiting, the repaired vehicle arrives with a full new independent crew (not subordinate to the original platoon for command). An easy way to familiarize your self with the workings of this feature, design a basic test operation setting parameters "night falls -- every other battle" "vehicle recovery & repair -- excellent" Recommend selecting a low number of turns per battle and more than 10 battles. You'll soon have a good feel for which equipment comes back, which doesn't. Don't expect to see origi
  5. May also have something to do with setup zones (or lack thereof). Have never experienced this quirk but have experienced multiple (sometimes many) units appearing stacked in a single tile (as new units in Scenario Editor-Map View, definitely; as reinforcements, possibly). I know restrictive terrain and steep slopes do some quirky things with reinforcement arrivals - have had AI deliver reserves in locations where they are trapped in an accessible terrain tile surrounded by restrictive terrain. I know this doesn't help, but my experience is the same as RockinHarry. Hope BannonDC posts his t
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