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  1. Juste nuke them...nothing will ever come out of these countries...they are too stubborn with their medieval thinking..
  2. Not abseloutly true...you see with operation flashpoint the modding community itself was selling the game...Tho they still released Red hammer and resistance...who sold itself like pancakes..why...? Because modders could mod the game to a whole new level ...they could mod it so they make it their own..Those who played this know how sick this game was...same with ARMA..ARMA II with its tons of modules...still sells because its highly modable
  3. Hey...I tought to myself...cant we mod the game..adding units for exemple..like this spr threa where he wants a HMG... If you refer to some games the heavy modding comunity usually helps ALOT on the sales..for example the old Operation flashpoint game.. I dont have any coding or whatever skills but cant someonoe from the boards add some units and tweaks...So we can have a game exactly like we want it..imagine the awesomness this could bring..
  4. Why is everything that previously was in cmbo so hard to code now in cmbn....I mean..cmbo should have given them some kind of coding experience.Even if the graphics are updated..the game engine and basics looks the same to me.
  5. oooh yeah ! I remember now those flamthrowers...I was soo good at ambushing vehicules with it lol...and it was hilarious too lol..a good all round killer if you could get close,as he was the top target for all enemies.
  6. So im looking for a couple fights....I prefer to finish battles in one shot..as there is no turn base whithout email..I can do some battles live...or if you wish email ones lawemi@hotmail.com steam : war113 canuck113
  7. Well 2 of my panther are bugged...and a halftrack.. (2nd panzer marsh mission) In cmbo I used to unbug them using other vehicules to push em...or using reverse and move..(If I remember correctly) Can you unsbug them in cmbn...?
  8. in cmbo it was represented by the troops leaning backwards with a funny punch sound..If its the same period we should have some close combat fight still... ANNND!!...damn would it be awesome to bayonet some soldiers lol...with good animations..I would do bayonet charges just for the fun of it...and eventually get mowed down.. My sergent used to tell us in the forces... ''Bayonet training??...pfff guys youll never make it this close with all the automatic weapons...youll die well before that..'' Still...I took some classes on my time.
  9. GreenAsJade thanks a lot for your videos on youtube...I could watch toooons of this.you should make whole missions/battle AAR...and..what mods are you using..sound etc..
  10. dont the admin have access to the game dev team?....they could easily patch this up with a small fix.. Give cutters to certain squads..and breach the barbed wire...with slow movements etc.. If I remember correctly in cmbo you could walk on them but it would render your movement really slow...A well place machinegun could still easily pick your troops off..but it was better.
  11. Epic post sburke..really a pleasure to read and to look at Reminds me why I play cm series.. Please post more
  12. Well !I just found out normandy was out..Im a big cmbo cmbb cmak fan (bought them all!)... I did'nt have either normandy or afghanistan...bought them this week... I am amazed ..even if its hard it's fun.I like the challenge.Can't get trough hamelet whithout loosing alot of troops.On the left there is a machine gun (spoiler warning) plus a mg nest and sometimes a marder III..on the right..a mg42 squad plus TONS of troops in their sandbag defenses and a mg bunker.. Whats the best route or the way you succeded..(btw I had a bug once where all the artillery I called landed offmap..wasnt an emergency call.)
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