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  1. CANT WAIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!! I bought at once...cmbo cmbb cmak.. Then I bought..CMBN CMSF and exp MARINES.. Havent alot of cmsf tho..I think I aint good at keeping my armor alive..lol. BUT cmbn is a jewel as I am a huge fan..Cant wait till Commonwealth..the only thing I am missing from cmbo is turned based multiplayer...used to play like that..plus a matchmaking system would EXPONENTIALLY boost the community..Ive been trying to find players for real time game on steam and on forums..(there is a cmbn group on steam with 141 players.) Still couldnt start a decent game lol...
  2. and If possible im trying to find some Real time opponent...waiting for emails is a pain..lol
  3. Oh and yeah....going to the bathroom in real time games...is kinda hard...no pause button( know its a known thing but well..lol)
  4. lawemi@hotmail.com Id be pleased to fight you...No preferences.. I can play 10-20 turns per day or whatever ..lol..Its up to you.
  5. Yeah maybe...but still...Can you guys remember the 1942 mod Forgotten hope...THe community was twice as strong as the original game.We could have mods that just visually enchance alot graphically the game but still playable online ...or a huge weapon pack that all users would install...
  6. Can you imagine qhat we could do if you guys or whatever fan of cmbb could modify the base game with mods..Use as example Battlefield 1942..Operation Flashpoint...etc. Dont use the argument ''Oh if we could implement ourselves TONS of graphical,weapons etc content BF wouldnt sell their expansions..''...I know they are shooters but the base applies...Those game mainly sold out because of their modding capacities..And Bohemia interactive at the OFP time wasnt as big as it is now...Look at the community now.. We could simply change the core game to our likings and code it etc..Not all but more than sound and bitmap mods..I aint a coder myself but I am sure some of us here are..Anyways I was thinking about that whitout any toughts of this happening..
  7. Ok..so anyone played this mission?...What tactic did you use? SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I first advanced my troops in halftrack near the bridge..There is a forest on the left so I disembarked my troops ready for the attack the amis launch...The thing is all I got is panzerfausts so the tanks are a problems..Plus they send me tons of infantry with awesome suppressing fire from their 60mm..So setting my mg42 isnt a good plan.My HT arent good as support either as they get shot by the shermans pretty easily...Should I just rush at the start..or hold then proceed with sweep..
  8. lawemi@hotmail.com No preference either...except..never played by email..should be easy tho lol.
  9. I have a ts server...Id like to play cmbn..even cm afghanistan..Both are great..its 23:21 right now ..Anyone?
  10. Anyone up for a good game...I have Teamspeak...a server..plus im bored as hell...pm me if yep
  11. How...can you have such a beautifuly looking game..I mean I know you turned the sharpness on and all with photoshop..but still...mine looks like a comic action book..
  12. My Squads flanking move. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/402/cmnormandy2012012902143.png/ Assaulting Squad: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/85/cmnormandy2012012902142.png/ German Position: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/688/cmnormandy2012012902145.png/ (mg team on right..mortar in foxholes and a inf squad down..) All that with like 8 men..
  13. I am currently playing road to montebourg campaign (again!)..I wanted to share the awesome satisfaction and happiness feeling when I can do one of these...: Taking a tank out with any inf held weapons.. Storming a position with grenades and smg fire.. Using a good pin and flank manoeuvre successfully wipe down a squad.. Ambush many enemies with a single mg team...then see them get mowed down.. See a single heroic soldier do awesome things...and see him again in other missions..you feel then each soldier is worth fighting for and that each casualty the enemy takes is important .. Thins games has its flaws..but..in all its awesome.(They should really tweak the AI in QB tho..)I can wih a single mortar firing at a bottleneck position kill all their attacking force as they never retreat and just rush in a line..lol
  14. montreal...Canada..I think its gmt+5..its 23:42 now here
  15. I am up like right now...you want to host one? give me your ip..
  16. Anyone up for a game?Tonight..I would get my ass kicked but might be fun..I could even try to do a AAR..I think you guys use fraps to take the screens right?.
  17. This is in the gun assault mission. This soldier single handlely assaulted two mg42 HMG by himself..That corporal lost his 2 buddies couple turns earlier to MG42 fire..he was completly in open ground and killed two of the mg crew..then they ran away. I then used him against another MG42 position (the one on the photo)...he ran at them while firing burst of his thompson smg...they shot back with the mg at close range but he manage to capture 5 of them...alone..No other unit was even close... Wow...I didnt know a single soldier could make such a difference...was awesome.! Oh...hes hard to see..laying down in the bushes..
  18. bah...the population is the problem....not the oil..
  19. I would use it lets say for my second line of defense...the first one wouldnt have time to dig it. Lol I remember when I was in the canadian forces they showed us a video about digging trenches...In 5 step..The last trench was with genade slit..a roof made of metal and it could withstand a nuke explosion...lol..yeah..
  20. And the story he did...could easily be an actual cmbn battle...thats what makes it awesome..its scripted yeah...but when you actually look closer when you play..at infantry level...TONS of little story actually happens..
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