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  1. Wow! Nice demonstration...(BTW)the map you play on seems awesome!!
  2. I dont think a cover armor would be so hard to code...its like cover arc but hold fire against inf targets...but meh I aint a coder so..
  3. lol I wouldnt like to create games for you guys ...lolomg..
  4. hahahahhah! nice one !! RELEASE IT ...I have a four packs of redbull ready...
  5. I think in RL a panther could survive this..The crew inside couldnt sustain the hits on the armor..The shockwaves would be terrible..Trying to reload and all..must be a really REALLY dedicated crew you have there lol...but still bailing out in front of 20 firing sherman is still not a better solution for them
  6. llol but you may remember how fast the enemy tanks were to take out flame throwers..lol
  7. So anyone wants to tell me..how am I getting this ingame with gapa..I mean the settings I must use and all..
  8. lawemi@hotmail.com for me I have two batles going on now
  9. I like csmf but Ive played it maybe an hour...its by far the slowest of the bunch on ym system Acer Aspire 5552G 6,00 Go ram 64 bits system Processor number :4 Gaphic card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 3837 Mo Dedicated gaphic mem.: 1024 Mo Shared system memory2813 Mo drivers: 8.930.0.0 Native resolution 1366x768 Direct x 10
  10. I have cmbo cmbb cmak,cmbn cm:afghanistan csmf+marines and cmbn..lol thanks tho I might buy nato
  11. I like small scenario too.. Unfortunatly my system can run all newest games on highest settings but CMBN doesnt support quad cores...(I can play maxed out no lag 96 players ARMA II Domination games)..or bf3 maxed.. AAANNND I really like defence scenario..wher you can ambush enemies and all..
  12. I prefer the sound of the weapons in the first day of defeat..I think they pack more of a punch..especially the kar98 and garand who sound the same lol
  13. AWESOME!!...best campaign I've played in a long time..Finished it in 2 days..234 germans casualties versus 23 for me ..LAst mission was satisfying lol.. In this video a sniper hold a whole german assault http://youtu.be/Nvv1m3G1h9U In this a team in a building receives massive fire but manage to destroy a marder with hand grenades. http://youtu.be/drHEA3z0xH0
  14. I know...I bought them all lol...long time ago..but still we dont know what will or will not change so it's a kind of blindness..Even after all these games we could still be dissapointed over what we were expecting vs what they will deliver.I doubt we will but still I am a bit anxious.The only thing they really need to fix is the AI...the rest is not important to me.
  15. Here are some quick videos: Devil's descent campaign (awesome!) our turn mission FIrst vid:A sniper and his team..but mainly him..is holding off 2 marders plus tons of infantry on my left flank.. http://youtu.be/Nvv1m3G1h9U And second one (for those who say building arent offering protection)..My 2 man scout squad receive massive fire from Germans..You can see their building gets hit by a panzerscheck.Still no one is hit and they manage to destroy a marder III with grenades and small arms fire..(sorry for camera angles lol) http://youtu.be/drHEA3z0xH0
  16. When you expect people to give you their money...the least you would expect is to tell them why exactly should they do it.... We just blindly pre order a game..whithout knowing what it is we are paying for.. So I think its nice when they show us videos and comment on the current game status..they should continue to do so in the future
  17. I think its awesome...CMBN still after all these games just can stop amazing me...sure it has it's flaws but still ...Cant wait.. The only thing thats bad with all cmx2 games ...doesnt accept more than 1 core...so I have a horrible framerate on a pc that runs skyrim on maxed with all HD textures etc..which is bad..but eh..
  18. I will try your campaign at once and post a great AAR with screens ... I am a huge fan of this movie ..
  19. I forgot ...if anyone wants to play some CM:Afghanistan...I have played this one only for an hour or so..its awesome..
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