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  1. Well..I've been trying to do this mission.. Mines are a pain in the ass..and to take trenches have it's toll on my troops. Here is the assault of one of the trenches where the only tactic I found that works is all out assault. http://youtu.be/M2VloyR34MY
  2. Hi all... Add me...Canuck113 on steam for some CMRT fights real time...I don't play email as I don't like playing a battle for months...kills the immersion.
  3. I will play it and take some screens and post a AAR later this week!
  4. Well First kudos to the designer.I like those defend to the last men type of scenario. These are my results...At the end I was ambushing tanks with grenades lol.. Try it and post your results here:
  5. I would..lawemi@hotmail.com Add me on Steam Canuck113 Tho I play mixed engagements...and real time..
  6. Wow..fuser!... Those have a more..how can I say..grimmer look..A lot more realistic colors...wish it would look like this..The atmosphere emerges from those pictures.
  7. ermagherd....you obliterated that town!!...epic video..do more of em!
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