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  1. ok steinar youve earned my point by point condescending treatment. Ive never had to do it before, but then ive never met any one on this forum so dumb. 1. "Why, if Israel is called the jewish state by it's own definition?" First of no it doesnt. It caLLS ITSELF ISRAEL! NOT ALL ISRALEI'S ARE JEWISH DUMB ARSE! 2. "I don't give anything, what sounds terrible to short minded poeple, not capable, to read and understand what is written, but instead acting like Pawlov Dogs." wtf, TRY AND MAKE SENSE PLEASE! aND WHO ARE YOU REFERING TO EXACTLY? YOURSELF? WELL YOU SHOULD BE! 3. "Sur
  2. "I'll give you a hint: It's not complimentary." Dalem dont try and be clever please.
  3. ummmm, apds varied wildly, ill look for the url for you. But up until august 17pdr apds was not issued, because of yawing which as you say caused the round to performe badly. But quality stock as was largely issued, as can be seen at the test's at balleroy penetrated the panthers glacias at 700 yards. 2 hits out of 2 penetrated including another hit at the junction between the glacias and the nose which also penetrated. Although over 800 yards it became an issue again, also over 800 yards apds could be somewhat innacurate. And nice debating to you too.
  4. im not disapointed, but more curious about timing/ cost of modules. Like alot of the people here, im a ww2 fan. But kinda happy about a break.
  5. "When playing CMBO I usually play US not British, because well to be honest the british had such crap equipment, ( My dad was a Para in his national service so I like them though). " WTF? ERR not any worse than the american army actualy, yu should be playing as the germans if that is the case. Abbott, I think you got a little extreme there, i wouldnt say soddball was crying like a girly man. It was a flippant sarcastic remark, but i think his underlying point is A. his not ex service, and b not american. So he has no interest in modern warfare or this game. I agree though battlefront ar
  6. well dillweed. seeing as politics is banned on this forum, he has a point. But then youd need manners to say that.
  7. i dont have a problem with syria, or near future. It's not even the fact we have to "pretend" to be americans. It's just previous cm games, allowed 3+ sides with different equipment balances. This allowed for alot of replayability, different tactic styles, doubley so in cmbb and cmak if you consider the long time frames. This is my problem wity cmfs, but to blame battlefront for not doing something exactly as i liked? No......... I couldnt care less if it were 2009 falklands war 2 The junta strikes back. Its a modern warfare sim, and 90% of my games were tcp/ip or quick battles. I mean
  8. still, its all classified. No one realy has an idea how good chobbam mk1 and 2 are etc.
  9. but steiner the us position in iraq is supported by the current uk goverment who will still be in 2007. So your points a bit mute about the uk. (not getting to politics just pointing out a flaw in his plan).
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