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  1. Its forced obsolescence to people with 5 year old i7 systems, during a period of unprecedented integrated circuit manufacturing shortfalls.
  2. Bad timing from what i understand. Windows 11 is quite beast and will only add to the processor manufacturing shortfalls if you think its a good time to get a new PC. You'll get less bang for the buck.
  3. I'm going to ask because I don't know. Haven't been able to find a reference for this period. But, did the soviets practice using one tank as an IR spotter, with other forward tanks firing at the painted targets. It seems to me with all this IR gear, a survivable tactic would be paint and scoot, letting a silent mate fire before before the enemy does. I might be way off but was curious.
  4. AT guy looks like an apparition. Reminds me of those Weird War comics I used read.
  5. Recall wayback Close Combat, the Russian one? Forget, haven't played for years. But had this Pz III earn 5 stars and all the medals all through the campaign, they were ace. At some point they bought the farm, that was a sad day. I miss that. Back to topic, I see at least one T64 scratched.
  6. CM2 is tank centric and excels at this. Pacific theater would be light on tanks, especially for the Japanese. Maybe Korean War would be more suitable?
  7. Thanks, wish listed this. Been playing Aeronautica for dog fights which leaves a lot to be desired.
  8. Other than the cookie cutter battle maps how much different than the Napoleon Total War mod sets that were done for that game. Granted TW has a grand strategy map is a big plus. Each man in the regiments in those games are represented by a single model soldier. There are massive mod sets in TW that do the Civil War well. BF would do it better ofcourse, but there is much to learn from where TW got it wrong.
  9. Did they have issue desert fatigues back 1980? I'm thinking no?
  10. The East German Border. If you have not seen this movie you should.
  11. I thought I noticed some minor track damage after a superstructure front hull hit. Otherwise those T64/72/80 are rather tanky.
  12. May 1980 release. The B side was already posted.
  13. Don't forget France. Unique and seriously good kit.
  14. 1981. Put this on perpetual loop.
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