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  1. Thanks, I might give it a go. A Scanner Darkly wasn't too bad once I got past that come to think of it.
  2. oh its rotoscoped. I'll probably pass then.
  3. I was referring to the mentioned fundamentalism and the before/after pictures above of the women in western and religious garb. Some western governments have banned the wearing of Burkas in certain areas and have been taken to court by women who wish to wear them. Sorry maybe out of the context, western values seem to have a reciprocal effect even at home so they may not be embraced abroad.
  4. Interesting how women are fighting to wear the Burka in western countries where it was banned by law. Not sure if that is what you meant.
  5. Anything goes. Check the weekly new game releases and you will find simple 16bit games that have surprisingly overwhelmingly positive reviews. I don't get it myself but its like ImDB reviews: the haters score 1 and the caterer's assistant writes a review at 10. Doesn't mean anything.
  6. Converting your Combat Mission library to Steam would make updates an automatic process. I've taken my old Civilization CD games and others and converted them to my steam library account. Its similar to taking your music CD's and adding them to your iTunes account.
  7. NO its WE GO the resolution of each phase is simultaneous. But not real time (you almost had me there)
  8. If the action takes place simultaneously it is not turn based. Think of chess being turn based, you both don't simultaneously move, or XCOM2 which is classed as turn-based tactical, the player makes all the moves while the AI opponent stays frozen. WEGO, Realtime, and UGOIGO aka tactical turn based. Those are the 3 types. CM definitely is WEGO switchable to Realtime.
  9. Once you have figured all settings that are optimal, I would like to see a screen shot or list. I would like to try these settings as well.
  10. Great Idea @omelet. Kind of like what we have with the canadians speaking Mercan. But it works, which is good enough for me.
  11. I suffered from Montezuma's revenge once. But I was in the middle-east at the time. Go figure.
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