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  1. i would really love to download this file, but i cant log in to battlefront, cant change my password, or register as a new user....wtf man.
  2. i have a "super rig" and do experience some slowdown when i look at a whole battalion of individual soldiers. if i am only viewing part of the action, its fine. does not seriously impact gameplay to the point i would complain. i had no idea others had more severe problems.
  3. is there anywhere to download except battlefront?
  4. i THOUGHT i had them installed...but to be honest, its hard to tell. maybe i did it wrong.
  5. i would really like to know how some of you guys get your game to look so stunning! i thought i had the graphics turned up as far as i could!
  6. the one in private ryan was quite real, but in fact it had the wheels and tracks from a T-38. thats why it looks kinda wimpy. with the propper wheels and tracks, it sits higher, different angle. go back and watch it again, you can see what i mean.
  7. i said it was a pity it just ended. it was just a quick battle against the puter, in which i usually win, with few casualties, unless its a bad match up, like all tanks against AT guns or something. anyway, i just want to make a little AAR after a weird engagement. back to the war...
  8. i destroyed an entire enemy battalion with only artillery today. bunch or mortars, a few 120mm, and even some nebelwerfer came into play. my battalion just lay in the grass watching as the town was pounded into dust. clouds rose 1km into the sky, and the barrage lasted 30 minutes. as the dust cleared, i could see abandoned vehicles, and smashed buildings, and a few survivors dazedly wandering away. i dont think any of my troops fired a single shot. pity, i was looking forward to marching on the town to pick up prisoners.
  9. the screaming, the dying, the running away...also the blowing stuff up, and burning things.
  10. so, having some allied plane straffe my troops over and over and aover and over with terrifying accuracy is not strictly realistic. the hell you say...
  11. maybe he means AT guns. I had trouble moving them too.
  12. Greetings war mongers; i have been a longtime fan of this franchise, and my god, i am loving this new one! its been a couple of days i guess, but i am having some trouble and i hope some of you vicious bastards can help me kill more of the enemy, and less of my own dudez. mortars: how close do i need to keep the ammo bearer? why do i see wildly fluctuating levels of ammo before any firing occurs? Command structure: who the hell is in charge? what do i do with some of his support staff? i am playing the allied campaign, i forget the name, the first one. the first mission is a doodl
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