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  1. Once in a while I log in to this forum to find some news about the game. At least this time I found some reasons why all this is happening. Thanks for the info. PS As for the multiplayer aspect. There is a community - CMMC - that still plays the CMBB game and believe me is much more fun to play vs humans rather than a mchine. So they better release the game only as multiplayer!!!
  2. Being a GM - game master of CMMC I would like also to welcome new players to CMMC. Join in and have fun time both playing battles and "live" military roles in our game. PS Greetings to all CMMC players in this forum [ August 16, 2006, 03:29 PM: Message edited by: spartan1 ]
  3. Well I did that just waiting and see the AI, not the coorect thing to do I guess. In any case it was wonderful scenario worth of playing
  4. I have not played this one yet but I have seen the map and it looks great.
  5. I have played the scenario and it is great. One comment only. I played as axis and it took some time for the AI opponent to make an appearance. Maybe an easier way for the soviet forces to enter the battlefield would help this shortcoming. Keep up the good work. Thanks
  6. Great job I just found these maps and I am going to download and start play now. Thanks
  7. Great job I just found this maps and I am going to download and start play now. Thanks
  8. I will always admire people like Zemke when they openly admit a mistake. To tell you the truth I was also feeling like him when I discovered the new game. I said to my self I would not buy it, although I hoped to go well for Battlefront. Now after some days I changed my mind to wait and see. Lets have a demo anf try it and if we like it, buy it. Lets hope that all goes well for Battlefront. They deserve it after so many great games they have given us. PS Till the new game I will buy also the new CMC for CMBB.
  9. As a GM in CMMC (Combat mission Meta Campaing)http://www.cmmc2.org/ I think too is going to help us a lot. Thanks again Battlefront!
  10. WHAT GREAT NEWS !!! This campaing element was something really missing from CM,now we will be able to replay our beloved game with renewed enthusiasm. Where can we pre order? I want to support it from now. [ October 14, 2005, 04:30 PM: Message edited by: spartan1 ]
  11. Thank you Hunter for this we will be waiting
  12. What a big SUPRISE! Almost fell from my chair in the office! GREAT NEWS BATTLEFRONT THANK you for this. Now I found again a game to look forward! PS Will it be available with more divisions instead of one?
  13. Totally agree "CMx2 looks like Brothers in Arms in Iraq." Deeply dissappointed with choice for modern warfare. Hope the new game goes well with Battlefront, but personally I do not think I will buy it, till there is a WW II version.
  14. Deeply dissappointed with Battlefront! After so much talking and talking for so long ... we have to wait for unknown time to play what CMx2 was promising to be a new WW II game. Personally I will not buy it, although I hope it goes well for Battlefront. Thanks for giving us the CM-series, but for the near future we have to find something else.
  15. KEEP: - WE GO system, - ability to mod (scenario editor, graphics mods), - WWII, - Turn-based game and movie playback, - PBEM CHANGE: - Ability to import OOB from an external file such as a spreadsheet or db file. Ability to export that same OOB a the end of the battle. - Export OOB battle file to a new editable file, so to be able a user to create a series of battles, - Open up the scenario and save game files to allow for 3rd party modification, import/export, - improve AI, - campaign mode
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