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  1. To be fair ,artillery was a massive deciding factor in the war by 1917.I read a book regarding the trench war as expericiend from the german side and a british artilley bombardment was a stunning thing to behold by late 1917,they had perfected it too such a level by that time.
  2. Hi just ordered this game ..is it good ??,been away from s command scene for ages ,used to be pretty active in the SC1 days.
  3. sc1 ,was and is a classic ,sc2 is a decent wargame ,no more.
  4. "Kursk was not all a bad idea, was it not Soviet Intel that revealed the German plans? In such detail that it ruined their chances." The soviets were given detail plans gleaned from coded signals at bletchley park.
  5. he was no SS orge as well,he was tank V tank to the core and didnt agree with a lot of what the Nazis where up 2.....
  6. in that case the UK fleet strength at 1939 is vastly under represented in hte game ,it had .. 7 aircraft carriers,15 battleships,66 cruisers,184 destroyers and 60 submarines.Also it had 100s of small torpedo boats,"armed" merchant ships ect.
  7. regarding your 1st paragraph,the bob might have had a different outcome if the LW had stuck to hammering the raf airfields and radar masts instead of piecemeal city attacks.It was very much possible for the LW to inflict a crushing blow to the RAF in 1940.
  8. If what you say is true then the game should never have been released.An unfinished game does not warrant a retail price.I have been fairly happy with the game so far ,only as a pvp one tho,a lot of people dont/cant play pvp so its unfair to them.
  9. this is exactly why strategic bombing is a waste of mpp and time.The allied bombing from 1942-45 was the biggest waste of men and material of any action in ww2.If they had went for the oil and targeted factorys only ...germany would have had a major problem on its hands long before 1945,flattening a city created no major gain for the allies,(majority of all city housing in germany destroyed or damaged by the war end).Bombers where used only for tactical operations for d- day (until d-day +40) and the results where startling to the allied high command(no SS panzer div lasted long with 500 heavy
  10. ive just finished reading the war diary of FM Alan Brooke (basicaly the guy that really ran the UK war),and he mentions lack of shipping and primarly landing craft numerous times as a major problem in the med and leading up to d-day,i would go as far to say that it was his no.1 problem after 1943 (according to his diary).so fo r germnay to suddenly pull out of the hat enough landing vessels in 1940 to land x amount armies ,corps and panzers is as unreal as 3 carriers not sinking a damn italian cruiser (yet 22 ancient torpedo bombers nearly wiped out the fleet in port for real flying off a carr
  11. yeh it was a shock to see those king tigers at the gates of moscow ,my uk AF was fairly decent but each panzer was a mobile nuke wiping out anything in its path,just no way i could stop the german wave on eastern front.Pity ...it was shaping up to be a great game as well....
  12. anyone done a good guide yet like the excellent 1st terif ect had posted on forums on sc1 when i 1st started playing?
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