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  1. A liberal amount of Makers Mark@ this from Dalem,[in other words, it is emptyheaded, provocative bull feces, and almost Fionn-like in its utter tastelessness given the proximity to the very anniversary of the event.]

    A bit of childishness on my part all went together to prompt this thread. Take a look at my Pearl Harbor thread for the full text of Dalems response. My appologies to everyone except Dalem. poppy

  2. Potshotters are forum members that take "shots " at other forum members when they are sure that there is no return fire. Potshotters are not to be confused with snipers who put their lives on the line with each shot. Potshotters are wannabe trolls with out Bs.poppy

  3. Hello CombinedArms, Since this is a WW2 forum and we read or post about battles constantly it seems to me to have been a bit of an oportunistic overreaction to the the admittedly provacative title that I chose. Hopefully other peoples posts wont be sudjected to the same judgemental statements that mine was and will be taken in the sense that this forum is all about, and that is to discuss WW2 battles. Now with that over with. My thinking is that the only reason that the older battleships were able to be raised is because they were sunk in Pearl Harbor rather than at sea, where the loss of the battle ship and crew would have been total, especially if the Japanese fleet had beaten the US fleet in battle, which it well could have. The Japanese fleet included five carriers, two battleships and many escorts. This will be a good scenario for the upcomming Modern Sea Battles.

  4. Dalem, I apologize for my last post to you, it was very rude. If there is some one or something that you are sensitive about concerning the Pearl Harbor attack then I understand. No disrespect was or is meant to the men and whomen killed in the Pearl Harbor attack. I dont pay any attention to aniversary dates when I am on this forum but as I said, no disrespect was or is meant. poppys

  5. Hello again Tarkus, Remember, the Japanese also attacked the Phillipines at the same time so the US was at war with Japan even if the Pearl attack had not occured. But the Pearl Harbor attack prevented the US Navy from attacking the Japanese with a fleet that was no match for the Japanese either in equipment or training. It took a year or so for the US Naval command to realize that it needed to fight a different type of war than it was trained to fight and then to prepare for that war. poppys

  6. Hello Tarkus, No change is meant. The Japanese destroyed mostley obsolete ships at Pearl and by a stroke of luck for the US did not destroy the US Carriers that were in the area at that time. And of more importance they did not kill the vast bulk of trained sailors who were able to go on and man the new ships that were constructed and by that time the US had learned something about how to combat the Japanese carrier pilots and the Japanese fleet without exposing their main elements.

  7. Hello Kingfish, Your probably correct. I wanted to attract attention to this subject and most of the attention has been positive. I didnt realize that there were people in this forum that would be more sensitive over a Pacific war battle vs a European or Africa battle. It would, I believe ,be an interesting study. Our Navy was fortunate in that the Japanese did not make their location known and draw out our fleet with,how many saliors, 20000 or so and our carriers,which at the time were not equipted nor trained to engage the Japanese pilots or planes, and could have well been lost with all hands.poppys

  8. quote[ In other words, it is emptyheaded, provocative bull feces, and almost Fionn-like in its utter tastelessness given the proximity to the very anniversary of the event.]

    Hello dalem, does this mean that its also tasteless to post about or play scenarios this month about the Bulge, or in June to play or post about the Normandy landings. Every battle ever fought has an anniversary date. If this battle effects you differently than any other battle then Im sorry that you read my post. poppys

  9. I agree with you once again Salkin, I believe that most of the people that play CM never read the forums much less join them and thats probably how it is with most games. The vocal minority are the most influential in game designe as in any thing else that depends on "customer input". I believe that that is the reason that follow on games are usualy not as successful as the original. BF would do well, in my humble opinion, to go back to the thinking that created CM and do what they would have done four years ago had they been able to. Probably some of the designers of CM are introverts also. smile.gif poppys

  10. Sanitation was like most other controllable conditions in any war, it depended upon the positive or negative control exerted by the officers of any given unit of any given country. Just like whether or not prisoners were treated according to the Geneva Convention. In many instances, Im sure, there was no way to control wheather or not someone took a dump in some certain location, and a house with a little cover would be better than out in the outhouse as most of the WW2 era European country homes or for that matter US country homes did not have indoor plumbing. Of course I have the advantage of being born on an Arkansas farm in 1938, so I remember that out houses are cold and isolated. poppys

  11. Notice that I didnt say any thing about an improvement in the graphics. But, destructible terraine, both from artillary fire and use, ie,tanks tearing up roads, would add to the pleasure of the game. But as far as the infantry and vehicle models go, and with the improvements made by the modding community,bless them, its ok as is. poppys

  12. And I agree with Salkin, I play CM for relaxation, but after four years of playing the AI,mostly on the attack, I look forward to an AI that uses the roads on the approach, sends out recon units, calls off the attack if losses are too sever and no advantage is gained. Uses tanks and infantry together in the assault. And for the senario creators the ability to instruct the attacking forces to use roads in the approach, to send out patrols, and to attack based on the feedback from these patrols, and from spotters. poppys

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