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  1. Problem solved, the v403.brz file was missing.
  2. Further research indicates it's only CMBN that is affected, but it looks like all nationalities are gooned up. No rhyme or reason to what kind of info is going to be displayed.
  3. Anyone else experiencing this after installing the new patches? My CMBN units are displaying either CMBS or CMSF2 unit info, and they say "Luftwaffe" in the weapons window. Haven't opened my other CM titles yet to see if they are similarly gooned up. .
  4. " Alt-B 'Artificially bright night' (or whatever its officially called) automatically switches off at dawn, or thereabouts. So you're witnessing the auto switch off. " Huh. OK that makes sense. But I would have expected that if the game had gone from night to dawn or day, it would have got brighter. Not pitch dark. Thanks for the info
  5. This occurred in a game I'm playing. Never seen anything like this, in any of the CMx2 games. This battle is taking place in the morning, time is 0551, so if anything it should be getting brighter. Also, this is with the "extra bright night lighting" turned on. And it remained like this after finishing the turn playback and moving to the orders phase. Any ideas on what in the world could have caused this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOFSidGrGNY
  6. Has anyone published a mod to make fords more distinctive? For any / all of the CMx2 games?
  7. When loading any of the CMx2 games, occasionally I have a problem when a PBEM file finishes loading and the map screen appears. The view will start moving rapidly as though I was applying one of the view controls. Most often it's one of two variations, either the map is spinning rapidly to the right, or the map jumps to the maximum high overhead view or the maximum low ground level view. Sometimes I can resolve it by applying the view control buttons to match the movement of the map screen. Sometimes I can resolve it by zooming in the view and then zooming back out. Sometimes I can resolve
  8. Is smoke in the new engine 4 version supposed to look like big nebulous balls of copper colored gas?? Really?? What in the world was wrong with the appearance of smoke and who came up with the new appearance? Ugh. Hopefully someone has or will create a mod to fix it.
  9. Hello --- I too am looking for the scenario "Der Pioneer Kessel." I was playing it with Cliff and he disappeared; I need the scenario info to determine size modifier and etc.
  10. My main account has Adminstrater privileges, and I still can't save e-mail files to the PBEM folder. "You don't have permission to save the file to this folder-- contact an Administrater." God *@&^^^ I am an administrater!!!! I don't know what MicroSoft was smoking when they came up with Vista. In my opinion it sucks.
  11. I'm no engineer, but how on earth do you miss that bug???? Man that is quality control 101.
  12. In a related complaint: I certainly hope someone reminds the good people at Battlefront that AN INDEX THAT IS NOT ORGANIZED ALPHABETICALLY IS NOT WORTH S##T. For some incomprehensible reason, the CMBO index is alphabetical and easy to use, but the CMBB index follows no system at all, making it no more useful in finding a topic quickly than the table of contents in the front of the manual. In fact, the index in the CMBB manual is simply the table of contents fleshed out a little more. It's not an index at all.
  13. Go to this link and check out Scipio's Rules, or Fionn's Rules. http://www.warfarehq.com/combat_mission/cm_section_hq.shtml They both provide some rules to limit super-tanks. That means that the Russian can't load up on KV tanks in 1941, the German can't load up on Tigers in 1942, or Panthers in 1943. I think it is: Russian can only buy one T-34 for every 750 of total points until I think January 1942. Can only buy one KV tank for every 1500 points until January 42. German can only buy one Tiger for every 1500 points from August 42 until January 43. From Feb 43 to
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