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  1. I'm running the v1.01 CMSF Demo and encountering the same problem. Seems to run fine until it crashes when I left-click a unit. Running it with all the default graphic settings. Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 ATI X1950 Pro (7.7 drivers) 2 GB memory Windows Vista 32bit Home Premium Just wanted to add my voice to this issue. Appreciate any help. Long time CMx1 player. Been looking forward to playing this. Rob
  2. I agree. This feature is badly needed. I spend most of a battle from a bird's eye view so I can keep tabs on most of my units and the enemy. It would be nice to review the action afterwards. IL-2 replay tracks are great but you can't rewind mid-play. If the TOW developers ever add this please include a rewind feature. Gravy
  3. I recently had a problem with an AT gun refusing to fire at a nearby enemy tank. Finally I ordered it to aim at the turret. It immediately started firing, disabling the tank gun. This might help in situations where the tank is in a hull down position. Gravy
  4. Where can I find info and pictures of this "Panther II"? Thanks, Rob
  5. Thanks for the responses. I found some pictures of that huge Maus Panzer VII tank. Why were the Germans so determined to make larger and larger tanks? They're slow, expensive and make easy targets for aircraft. Were the larger tanks that much more effective than medium tanks? I dig this tank talk. Rob
  6. For all you tank historians out there. Why was the King Tiger designated a Panzer VI instead of Panzer VII? The King Tiger doesn't look anything like a Tiger and is quite a bit larger. It seems more like a total redesign than a Panzer VI refit. Actually I think the KT looks more like an oversized Panther. I think it would have been more appropriate to call it the King Panther. Rob
  7. This web site has military rank conversion tables for many countries. World War 2 site For example this one: German ranks I found them very useful when I started to play CM. Rob
  8. Nice pictures folke. Thanks. In this outside shot I see some smoke around the M4. Was it firing a demonstration round? M4 tank Do they have any tanks at the museum that you could climb inside? Rob
  9. The tank commander of the Sheman that rammed the King Tiger (during Operation Goodwood) chose this path because his main gun was jammed and the KT's turret was turning towards him. This resulted in both crews bailing from their tanks. Shortly afterwards the King Tiger was knocked out by a nearby Firefly. In this case it was a last resort move. gravy
  10. The July/August issue of World War II magazine has an article on Operation Goodwood. It says in the article that the King Tiger tank that was rammed by a Sherman was from the independent 503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion. It also indicates that the Battalion only had a few King Tigers. gravy
  11. I recently rented the movie Desert Rats on DVD. Great movie. It tells the story of an Australian division holding Tobruk in North Africa during 1941. Told mostly from the point of view of an Australian company and its British commander played by Richard Burton. Anyways, my question is regarding a British armoured car that made an appearance during the movie. It has a turreted gun mounted on it, powerful enough to take on a Panzer tank (probably a Panzer III or IV). I was interested to know what kind of armoured car this was. So I did some digging and came to the conclusion that it was a Dai
  12. D'oh, the tank destroyers were Conscript. Actually, they did pretty well for Conscripts. Managed to take out a Crack Tiger tank. Case closed.
  13. Hmmm. Maybe they were. I was only allowed Green units when setting up the Quick Battle. It's possible that some units were downgraded to Conscript. I will check later. Thanks.
  14. Does anyone know why you can set covering arcs for some vehicles and not others? Yesterday I was playing a small QB. I was unable to set a covering arc for U.S. M10 GMC tank destroyers. The option was not available. My other vehicles were able to set covering arcs (Shermans, Stuarts, and M7 Priests). Thanks.
  15. Thanks to everyone who replied. Some excellent suggestions. I'll give them a try. Gravy
  16. Hello, I am recently addicted to CMBB and CMAK. I have a question about firing orders for mortar teams. Why can't you give more specific orders such as fire one or two rounds of smoke or HE? I find that many mortar teams have only 10 or 20 rounds which will only last a few turns. I usually add a pause to try to get them to delay firing at the beginning of a turn to save ammo. To answer my own question I guess you can't do this because that was the way the game was designed. However, in a real combat situation wouldn't a mortar team leader be able to give more specific commands to the mo
  17. Hello, I am new to CMBB and CMAK and still getting used to the behaviour of certain unit types. I am hoping someone will have an idea why the following occurred. I was recently playing the CMAK scenario Killing fields of Marsalla (not sure of the spelling). During the scenario I placed two mortar units on top of a small hill so they had good line of sight on the enemy. I assigned one mortar team to fire a couple of rounds of smoke on a bridge to provide cover for my advancing infantry which it did. For the next turn I assigned covering arcs to both teams and let them pick their own t
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