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  1. Why were they in no mans land in the first place?
  2. Lol i beat Ussr last nite as well for the first time! Agaist beginner computer.... Started August 1941 ended May 44 **** i know but must of spent a year trying to smoke out like 6 12 strenght corps from the urals, my level 4 jet fleets soon saw to that though. Also pulled back some luftflotte groups from the east front to sink some RN ships during the allies failed invasion.
  3. dude whats with all the spaces in your post... [ June 24, 2004, 08:25 AM: Message edited by: Little Joe ]
  4. Im glad that pvt in the halftrack escaped out alive
  5. Hehehe if you can keep the infedels out of Berlin until after christmas ill raise my hat to you Excel!
  6. O dear Axis in trouble at the start of 41 hehehe
  7. i see.....................................
  8. Good game you got going guys, was worried about the germans getting bogged down to much but the breakthrough is coming. Anything about Ussr America War readyness? I wish i had the full version of this game... [ June 03, 2004, 03:21 PM: Message edited by: Little Joe ]
  9. Indeed Hitler was better off concentrating on whittling down Britain in England and the med and North Africa before even thinking of taking on the reds,No army in History could be streched that far.
  10. Stalingrad would of been a huge moral blow For russia if they had lost, after Stalins "Not one step back"Speech, But i doubt it Countries like Russia probably would of fought to the death or run until they run out of the resources which ever came first. So must likely a human wave would of been sent Germanys way lol
  11. Germany could of won WW2 yes, if Hitler wasnt so intent on streching his forces so far. And maybe if Japan hadn't of attacked America they wouldnt of got involded till it was too late.
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