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  1. I allways found that it's not your tank that's loud, it's the tank next to you that's loud. If you are not prepared for it, it will make you jump. lol

    But even while standing behind or beside a 120mm smoothbore, the concussion isn't all that bad at all. OTOH I once got to watch an 8" arty piece fire from a range and that thing is sick! It will rattle your bones when it goes off.

  2. Yeap,

    I used to do that alot when I ran the "Asskicker of the Month" tourny's for CMBO. What you do is pick the map you want, then each of you pick your forces, then each of you send the file to a third party that will "purchase" the units you each want.

    Kind of time comsuming and run-a-round but it solves your problem. smile.gif

  3. The one thing I can stress to you is that even if all the reference books say, "this area of the desert/steppe/plain" was almost completely barren and the enemy had a hard time of it..." Please remember that this is a game, a fantastic game but still a game with limitations.

    Your main effort should not only be how "historical" your battle/map is, but you should also strive to make the battle fun. Plain and simple. I don't know anyone that likes to play a scenario/operation that makes you march your guys over competley barren ground into murderous fire. I dont care how "flat and featureless" the books say the ground was, there are ALLWAYS areas and folds in the ground to provide some cover.

    If you get the map right, the rest will be a lot easier to get right.

    My $.02

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