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  1. The Inner Keep:

    "Since the fiasco at Fondouk three weeks earlier, the 34th Division has spent every day in remedial training. Practicing night attacks, tank-infantry tactics, and led by the divisional commander, Charles Ryder--marching fifty yards behind rolling artillery barrages" -Army at Dawn

    As the Allied forces closed in around Tunis, Axis supply lines shortened and fell on old Italian fortifications.

    Day after day and hill after hill the fighting went on, no hill loomed larger than a flattop known as Djebel Tahent. To the Americans it was known as Hill 609. General Bradley recognized that 609 was the linchpin for the entire German defensive nextwork in the area, 3 miles Northeast of Sidi Nsir.

    By virtue of it's height, it frowned down on all direct approaches to Mateur from Beja. At 2000' above sea level, this hill dominates the entire area and is capped off by a lonely mesa some 800 yards long by 500 wide. "From the summit a man with a telescope could pick out inidivdual house windows in Mateur tweleve miles away and the hazy smudge of Bizerte another twenty miles beyond."

    To seize the hill, Bradley turned to troops who's reputaion was probably the worst in the U.S. Army. Now the men were ready, every rifle was clean and every bayonet was sharp, and they meant to get their honor back.

    This is a battle loosely based on the 2 week battle that took place in this area.

    There are 2 versions, Sigle Player and Multiplayer. You can get them at The Proving Grounds

    Mutiplayer version

    Singleplayer version

    I would GREATLY appreciate ANY feedback you could provide.

  2. Thanks Vadr! I surely will.

    "Well yes, but on the other hand, it might not have enough cover to hide a whole platoon - you can't plant individual trees, it has to be a 20m x 20m square. Too much microterrain is unrealistic as well."

    I agree and with a combination of elevation changes and differing terrain types you can model an "open area" that still provides enough cover to be realistic and fun.

  3. I really enjoy making OP's and I've found that if you get the map right, it really helps out in gameplay and helps the fun factor.

    One of the things that new OP designers need to keep in mind (for CMAK in particular) is that this is still a game with many limitations. So if the historical battle\OP you are reading about says " there was absolutely NO cover for us at all" that does NOT mean to create a flat, open, featurless, and dull battlefield.

    You got to keep in mind that you want to entertain people and allow them to have some fun. Who the hell likes to get slaughtered trying to cross 3 or 4 hundred meters of open sand? or Grass? Not me and not many out there. Spice it up! No land is totally flat and has NO cover.

    Get the map right and the rest falls into place.

    My $.02

  4. Hello all,

    I've come up with the next battle to follow my "The Dead Salute the Gods" battle. It is a meeting engagement that is best played as a 2 player game. If playing as a single player game, please follow the suggestions in the breifing.

    I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback you could provide.

    The Proving Grounds

    Historical Background:

    After the debacle at the Chouigui pass that cost the 10th Panzer over 20 Mk IV's to include 8 of the new long barreled versions, command of the division was handed over to Major General Wolfgang Fischer who had been training in France.

    Taking the hard lessons learned from the Russian front, Fischer wasted no time in attacking Chouigui and routing the American Armored Battalion situated there.

    Now only a few miles of desert seperated him from Tebourba and the eventual recapture of Medjez-el-Bab. "Whoever has Medjez-el-Bab has the key to the door, and is the master of all Tunisia"--Hannibal

  5. Originally posted by Snarker:

    Actually, I'm playing The Dead Salute the Gods and I'm loving it. Armor on armor, excellent map.

    Glad you are enjoying the fight!!

    When I make a map, I just imagine a place that I've seen in RL that appears similar to the map I'm making. This helps me envision elevations and natural obsticles.

    Making the map is half the fun for me...

  6. Embark,

    thank you for the feedback. You fought the battle almost exactly the way the German commander did in RL... Major Siglin in his tank "Iron Horse" and his company were the "bait" that drew the Germans in one direction, then Major Tuck's Company B attacked the Germans in the flank!

    "Tuck and his tanks came pounding over the crest of the hill to fall on the enemy flank and rear. At point-blank range even the squirrel gun's two-pound shell could punch through the thin armor on panzer engine doors and docks. The enemy tried to wheel around but it was too late. Dozens of American rounds ripped into the German tanks. Seven panzers where destroyed, including a half-dozen of the new Mk IVs." --An Army at Dawn

    Good show!!

    Thanks again for your wonderful help and I'm glad you liked the scenario.


  7. Embark,

    thank you and TunnelRat for testing out this scenario.


    The German FO was an oversight on my part, he should have been with your C Kompanie in his halftrack. It has now been fixed and updated at the Scenario Depot.

    *******END SPOILER*******

    A question or two:

    Who won? And do you remember the final "numbers"? Or better yet have the final AAR screen?

    Based on your answers above I wanted to go in deeper about the final balancing.

    Thanks once again for your test and thank you for taking time out of your day to post a review.


  8. Embark,

    thank you for your observations, and you are right, the Americans were outclassed...Imagine what it must of been like on that day in Sept. 1942?

    The map and the units are all historical. I drew most of my information from "An Army at Dawn" and a few other sources.

    One tank commander fired 14 AP shells at a Mk IVG with no penetrations! Only the skillful handling of the Battalion saved Lt. Col. Waters command.

    Keep the feedback coming, and thank you and TunnelRat for your feed back. And let him know I'd like his input also.


    [ September 27, 2004, 09:20 AM: Message edited by: Iron_Duke ]

  9. I'd like to see the basic 20 meter terrain piece reduced to a 5m or even 1m terrain piece. To work along side the new terrain piece, many more elevation levels...perhaps out to 50 or so. Also a new elevation mode of 1 foot changes in elevation. (Super gentle? Realistic)

    The ability for infantry to use small folds in the ground as actual cover. Ability for infantry to use stone walls\sandbags as actual cover.

    Overhead cover for foxholes.

    Free up the sandbags! Ability to place sandbags as fortifications and not terrain types.

    MANY more terrain tiles\types...several types of the same tile. i.e. 3 or 4 different "Woods" tiles, building types, fences, etc...

    Partisans\Collaborators\crazy bedouin tribes\etc...

    Ability to script custom actions\events into battles and operations. (Can you imagine the possibilities of this? *Salivate*)

    Actual airborne drops? Realtime lol...oh the fun you could have. haha

    OSS\SaS\Whatever the Germans and Russians called their "Black ops" troops.

    Ability to rearm or call for ammo in a battle.

    GOD\Spectator mode to watch the Ai fight itself or watch 2 players as they fight.

    I'm sure they've all been mentioned before but that's my .02

    [ July 15, 2004, 06:58 PM: Message edited by: Iron_Duke ]

  10. We have had, since the day Gabes fell, a gentle understanding with the creatures who patrol beyond our boarders. We do not stray into their village and they do not come to our lines. We have always pictured them, in some ways, as our nemesis; they have not allowed us to come here to this untouched place. By the foxholes we find this morning, dug amongst our lines, we feel they were warning us...We may question ourselves at moments such as these...did we make the right decisions to dig-in here? We fear our days of Peace are over...

    :D:D Enjoy!!!

    The Proving Grounds

  11. After the landings of operation TORCH, the French find themselves besieged by the newly arrived American army. In his WWII debute, Major General Patton drives inland from the now 70 mile long beacheads. Port Lyautey and it's airfield represent a key objective for the Americans. The ancient Arabic strongholds that dot the countryside are better known as "Kasbah's" and constantly remind the Allies of Beau Geste. The Kasbah's will prove to be tough nut's to crack.

    Can be found at: The Scenario Depot

    The Proving Grounds

    hope you enjoy it.


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