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  1. I have a Matrox P650 (Dual-DVI) running Windows XP Pro. Last week I updated to SP2 and now both CMBB and CMAK both lock-up when I start a battle. Both programs were working fine before I installed SP2. Matrox has been advising their customers not to update to SP2 yet. I guess I'll have to wait for a new driver or get a new video card (faster...)
  2. I downloaded version 1.0 last week and the installation went fine. The only problem I have is my video card is a little slow -- make that a lot slow. I have dual LCDs and my card, the Matrox P650, was the only dual-DVI card available last year at a reasonable price. I haven't played CMBB since the installation, but I backed-up my last full version on to DVD just-in-case. I must agree with the others that the terrain is awesome. That just gives me more motivation to get a faster Dual-DVI video card this summer. Hopefully I'll have the more time then and will really be able to sink my teeth into OSF. BTW, the most excellent book "Stopped at Stalingrad" by Joel Hayward, has a chapter devoted to "Storfang" that is very detailed -- quality not quantity. Mark
  3. Here are some nice pictures of the Tiger I at Bovington running around last weekend -- fresh from the showroom it looks like! Tiger Picts
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