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  1. After playing this game for quite a while i have managed to see some outstanding,notable, or just unusual things. Such as the longest ranged kill- a Tiger knocking out a moving Stuart at 2040 meters. Or a Panther accounting for 9 enemy tanks at ranges less than 700 meters, of which 3 were Fireflys. Sometimes it can be acts from some unexpected units. While playing "Too little, Too late" a pair of German 75mm infantry guns were placed behind the low stone wall looking right up the road. I didn't expect much from them but was in for a big surprise. Both of them lasted for about 15 m
  2. Given a choice between a Konigstiger and a Panther, i would go with the Panther for most situations. If you have to shift your forces around the battlefield, even a MKVI will get there quicker. The one position i favor for the Konigstiger is a keyholed one with a decent range.
  3. in that case, you're playing the wrong side. you've got to win the armour war & the Germans are best equiped for that. any tank can kill a firefly but it takes a firefly to kill some the the uber armour. </font>
  4. I play the German side a lot because i like having to fight against the odds (that i also like their armored vehicles is another thread). That being said, a shiver runs down my spine whenever i suspect a Firefly is about. Even in a ferocious firefight with other tanks, a Firefly will receive immediate attention. Needless to say it doesn't always work and the result is one less tank. In one scenario, One Firefly accounted for 2 Tigers and 2 Panthers before being knocked out. It went a long way towards ensuring that my lines would eventually be overrun. You can scoff at pretty much
  5. WOW!!! Not one reply. Guess i'll answer it then. Wiping out the enemy and occupying as much turf as possible will most likely end the operation for you.
  6. In the game it is similar to how it was in reality. The King Tiger is somewhat of a paper tiger (no pun intended). Slow as molasses in the winter, with a turret rotation that can be timed with a sundial, even a horrendous rate of fire. Granted it is sort of nice in a way, with extremely thick sloped armor and a wonderful gun, but a MKVI Tiger or a Panther is usually a better bet. Does anyone else feel the same?
  7. Just humping gear in basic and AIT was an ass kicker, and i was in great shape and was NOT being shot at and living like a wretch.
  8. Belive me it happens at the worst times too. PiggDogg has it right. the best protection against AT teams is having your own infantry nearby.
  9. Whenever possible, i send prisoners to the rear. Since i always have a spot where i group crews of knocked out vehicles and infantry who have been chewed up, thats where i send prisoners also.
  10. In one scenario a Whirbilwind was immobilized by an strafing Allied fighter. Continuing to both fight off enemy fighters and support nearby infantry with direct fire from its' cannons, it was what was keeping the defense from collapsing. After a long period of time, it was close attacked by a British fire team. Out of cannon ammo, the crew drew pistols and fought the Brits so hard that after 2 minutes the infantry ran for the woods. The crewmen took only one casualty!
  11. The Tiger is my favorite. An awesome killing machine at ranges that very few allied tanks can match, plus plenty of protection for the crew. The Panther is also a top gun. Very fast and very lethal. Hull down it is a huge threat. The MKIV is the backbone. Underrated, but can be a big surprised when used right. Of the Allied tanks, only the Firefly and Pershing can put real fear into the heart of the German opponents.
  12. Thanks for the info. But whatever the hell Fireflys are using whenever i play usually works really well. I mean they are DEADLY!!!! Rarely have one of their shots been deflected. I'm just glad that it can be knocked out at long range.
  13. For starters yes it was a Marder, not a JagdPanther. Second i think the movie is a nice tribute to American soldiers who died far from home, in places where they didn't have to be. Dying for a failure in diplomacy a mere 20 something years after their forbearers did. And in many of the same places.
  14. I remember reading about the Hurtgen forest battle a long time ago. Apparently, one batalion of the 28th infantry was so torn up that the when relieved they were commanded by a Corporal!
  15. I'd like to award one to a 50mm anti-tank gunner i used in the scenario "too little, too late. After crewing up my deployment and getting shot to hell in the 1st turn he stoped the Ami column cold. At the beginning of the second minute i unhid him and he let fly. Result? 4 shots fired. 1 M-24 Chafee and 2 Stuarts killed! In the next turn IIRC he knocked out a halftrack before getting overwhelmed be a storm of enemy fire. Stabalized the situation long enough to allow a redeployment of other forces.
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