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  1. I have a dual monitor system and a Radian 9200 card. Running Windows XP with all security packs. When I start CMBB my left monitor brings up a white box that says 3d Direct X test with a monitor resolution. It asks me to Accept the resolution or Skip to the next. I bring my cursor over to the boxes to click, but nothing happens. The game then just runs through a series of these boxes with different resolutions, then comes up with an error box saying 3D Direct X cannot be set. And that is all it does.
  2. I washed it the way it is supposed to be. I was unable to insatll from this disk a few months ago and am now trying again. It has the smae failures on three different computers and four different drives. There are some scratches on th edisk but none deep, but I've read on another board that CMBB disks are easy to damage. I think it is a disk gone bad.
  3. Yes, I've turned off all virus programs. I did install the game using the smae drive to this computer but it was a Win 98 machine then. It looks like the disk is bad. I tried it on a laptop that has Wind 2000 and I got a read error. I'm trying to copy the install file to that machine now.
  4. Can't get CMBB to install. I am trying to reinstall after putting XP on my machine (fresh install of XP) I've tried all the suggestions in the trouble shooting guide and here on the forum. I have the firewall and virus scan off. Four tries today, here's what happened: I washed and dried the disk. 1. Normal install from my RW CD drive (drive F). Got almost do and went installed up to WAV\00090507. Once here the drive just spins with the CD and HD lights on but nothing happens for a significant period of time. Go to task managetr and it says the program is no longer respo
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