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  1. One example of such an battle is Sword of Bagration SP. My infantry advance is way too slow. I find my tanks racing ahead, only to get blown up by tank hunters while the infantry is still slowly prodding ahead. Tank riders do not work, usually it turns into a disorganized mess because they get shot off the tanks and take forever to rally. The Germans have it a bit better with SPW, but AT rifles are also a major annoynace.
  2. the next phase of the assault usually involves search and destroying. I've taken out the enemy's heavy weaponary, pinned most of his infantry, now I just need to find the isolated positions and destroy them. At this point i should be able to move my attack quicker. Advance is too slow (esp since enemy fire died down) but move makes the infantry too vulnerable to random potshots. Suggestions?
  3. This is a common situation that's presented in a lot of scenarios. I usually play as attacker, with superior numbers of AFVs, infantry, and some arty assaulting across a large open ground against an enemy that's entrenched or behind cover. What usually happens is that I attack first with the AFVs and successful in eliminating all the enemy AT assets, leaving my AFVs free to mess up the enemy infantry. However, when i order my men to attack across the field, usually they got pinned down and unable to advance. This happens even when i have a large number of HMGs and AFVs providing covering fi
  4. How would the rest of the war progress? this is assuming that they rout the Soviets, suffering heavy casualties, but still retaining some offensive power.
  5. I'm having difficulty with this scenario as Axis. First off, it's almost impossible to gain local superiority. Second, the recon platoons run out of ammo way too quickly. Third, i don't have enough firepower to sufficiently suppress even a sector of the Soviet defenses. Lastly, there is not enough time. Any ideas?
  6. There are so many versions of the Panzer IIIs and IVs that I really dont' know which one is good for what. I know that the late war IVs were ok against T34-85s and the late IIIs were ok against vanilla T34s...but can anyone give an actually overview of the different versions?
  7. Oh wow thanks...the problem fixed itself. I wasn't waiting long enough...basically the game went through the resolution selection process and I didn't wait long enough. Thanks a lot!
  8. I did it both ways...still same problem. =(
  9. I just got the Special Edition of CMBB. Looks like a great game, except for a little problem...it's not working. The installation seemed smooth (I even pulled the install exe onto the HD to install from there). However, when i clikc on the icon to launch the game, a black screen comes up. No music, not even any distorted graphics. It doesn't lock up however, so i can alt-tab and shut it down. I read some of the posts on this forum and they don't seem to to be helping. I also consulted the FAQ in the back of the manual. My windows XP is completely up-to-date, and i have an AMD Athlon 250
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